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Is Katie Holmes done with Jamie Foxx after his recent partying? A new report claims the actor's lifestyle is leaving her "heartbroken" and "heartsick." Gossip Cop, however, can debunk the story's false contentions.

In the wake of Foxx being seen partying at a Miami hotel, Star alleges Holmes "feels like collateral damage." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "He's humiliated her with his shameless flirting. There's only so much Katie can take — and she may have reached her limit." According to the magazine, Holmes is "said to be fuming over her undercover lover's womanizing ways." The phrase "said to be," however, suggests the outlet has no firsthand knowledge or direct confirmation to back these allegations up.

Still, the publication's untraceable source goes on to claim Holmes and Foxx have "fought" over his behavior, "with Katie threatening to walk; but she's always come back." Now, asserts this alleged tipster, "may be different... She's toughened up and determined not to be made a fool of by Jamie's wild ways." Adds the purported snitch, "So it's going to take more than a little sweet talk for Jamie to win her over again."

Notably, the tabloid says nothing about Holmes dumping Foxx in April to date her long ago ex, Joshua Jackson, or about Holmes and Foxx being married in a secret wedding, which is what it alleged back in 2016. The magazine evidently can't keep its lies straight. And there is a clear indication that this latest tale is another fabrication.

The outlet's sister site, RadarOnline, is running a suspiciously similar story on its website, where the quotes are slightly altered. For instance, instead of "There's only so much Katie can take," as it appears in the print article, online the line is, "There's only so much a gal like Katie can take." This is what happens when gossip publications manufacture quotes. Real people, real sources, don't say almost the same things but slightly differently to two sister properties. Often, the joint staffs are just making it all up.

And Gossip Cop would be remiss not to mention that it was RadarOnline that falsely claimed in late June that Holmes had "called off" a wedding to Foxx and "split" from him. Now both the blog and the tabloid are essentially admitting that was wrong and they're still together, while still trying to get readers to believe that their relationship is on the verge of ending. But as we explained a few days ago, the gossip media's take on their dynamic is way off-base.

When Us Weekly, another sister magazine, declared this week that Holmes is "trapped" with Foxx, one of her confidantes noted that their low-key, casual romance is "what works for them." Our contact also questioned why the tabloids only point out the women around Foxx, and not the men as well. Furthermore, we spoke with Holmes' rep, who stressed that while the magazines seem to have an "obsession" with them, "no one really knows anything."

As Gossip Cop was getting at above, the purported "insiders" are fake. And this latest narrative, in particular, lacks common sense. Foxx and Holmes have been linked in some fashion for years without being in an exclusive relationship. He isn't cheating on her, as Star and its ilk want readers to believe. He's acting the same way he always has, and it's apparent Holmes has no objections. Just as Gossip Cop rightly said last month, nothing has changed, and that includes the tabloids' fictional "reporting."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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