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Is Katie Holmes upset about Jamie Foxx hanging out with Olivia Culpo in Miami? That's the claim on one of this week's tabloids. Gossip Cop can debunk the inaccurate premise, which further alleges that the actress feels like "a fool" after seeing photos of Foxx and the former Miss Universe on the very same yacht she and the actor were on days earlier.

According to NW, "Katie is absolutely fuming over the pictures of her man getting chummy" with Culpo. A so-called "friend of the actress" is quoted as telling the publication, "Katie must be feeling like a world-class fool." The tabloid alleges that after Foxx and Holmes had a "romantic getaway" in Miami, which the outlet speculates may have been "their honeymoon," the Oscar-winning actor was photographed on the boat with Culpo, who was wearing only a bikini top and cut-off shorts.

Having noted Foxx and Culpo were joined by actress Cara Santana and her boyfriend Jesse Metcalfe, the purported "insider" maintains, "It looked like a fun party except Katie didn't appear to be on the invite list." The unnamed and untraceable tipster adds, "[Foxx] is saying Olivia is just a friend, that he was being a good host and they were just hanging out... but Katie isn't so sure."

Next, the magazine floats, "With whispers that Jamie and Katie may even be expecting their first child together, it's awful timing for the actor's wayward ways to be making an appearance again." The supposed "source" contends Holmes is "shaken to the core." "One minute he's loved-up with her, next he's partying it up with other women," concludes the nameless tipster.

There's so much that's wrong with the tabloid's account that it's difficult to know where to begin. For starters, if the often discredited magazine truly spoke to a "friend of the actress," it would know whether or not her time spent with Foxx in Miami in late December was a honeymoon or not. And the outlet's tipster would presumably know if Homes was pregnant. Of course, as Gossip Cop has confirmed with Holmes's own rep, the actress is neither married nor expecting a baby.

Now that Gossip Cop has established that the tabloid's source is no insider at all, let's examine the other claims. While Culpo was photographed on Foxx's boat, there was nothing to indicate he was behaving in any way that Holmes would be upset or "fuming" about. A longtime target of the paparazzi, Foxx is also smart enough to have known (and not cared) about nearby photographers, who already took shots of him a Holmes just a few days before.

Basically, no one was doing anything that he or she shouldn't have been doing. And curiously, NW left out that Culpo was in Miami to spend New Year's with her on-again boyfriend, Danny Amendola, who plays football for the Dolphins. Gossip Cop is not entirely surprised by all of the tabloid's fumbles.

It's odd the magazine now says that they may have been on "their honeymoon" after reporting nearly a year ago that Holmes and Foxx were getting married in her backyard. Also omitted in this latest fabricated tale was how last month Holmes and Foxx were having a wedding in Paris after supposedly getting Tom Cruise's "blessing." Gossip Cop debunked both of those phony stories, with on-the-record comments from her rep.

It's also interesting that the publication now says there are "whispers that Jamie and Katie may even be expecting their first child together," considering how many times Gossip Cop debunked the very same tabloid when it falsely claimed the actress was expecting. A full 10 months ago, the outlet swore up and down that Holmes was pregnant with Foxx's baby girl. Not only did Holmes's rep also deny that tale, but it appears time has also busted the magazine.

And exactly one week ago, Gossip Cop called out the publication for wrongly reporting Holmes was expecting a baby boy with Foxx. That claim was similarly shot down by Holmes's camp. It's very clear at this point that the tabloid has zero insight into the couple's relationship.


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