REP: Katie Holmes Dating Jamie Foxx Stories Are “Untrue” And “Needs To Stop!” – EXCLUSIVE STATEMENT

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Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Dating

By Michael Lewittes |

Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Dating

(Us Weekly)

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are NOT dating, no matter how many times Us Weekly embarrasses itself by reporting it. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this rumor, which has been wrongly and widely spread by the tabloids but bears no relation to reality. Holmes’ rep tells Gossip Cop, “These stories are untrue” and “this gossip needs stop.”

In its latest misfire, Us Weekly claims Holmes was overheard telling Foxx, “I love you.” According to the tabloid, Holmes “dropped the L-word during a phone call” with Foxx after “landing at L.A. LAX Airport recently.” The magazine quotes a so-called “source” as saying, “[Holmes] said she loved him,” adding, “She always gushes about how amazing he is and the joy he brings into the world.”

Interestingly, the magazine has no specifics, including when this alleged call took place. And that’s because Holmes has never told her platonic friend she loves him nor does she “always gush” about him. The story is simply inaccurate, and it’s not the first time the tabloid has reported falsehoods about the two stars.

Us Weekly was off-base when it wrongly splashed Holmes on the cover of its magazine in October 2013, declaring the actress was having a “secret fling” with Foxx. The tabloid spread its misinformation again in March 2015 when, in another cover story, it claimed Holmes’ “secret love” was Foxx and that they’ve been “hooking up” since 2013.” The second time around, the magazine’s supposed smoking gun was a photo of the two of them holding hands, but as Gossip Cop exclusively reported back then, it was at a read-through for a new animated film, there were several other people there and, most importantly, there was about nothing romantic about it.

The magazine has hidden behind supposed sources, who claim the alleged relationship conveniently only goes on “behind closed doors,” which is why no one else knows about it. Us Weeky has repeatedly reported that Holmes is in a “secret” fling and that Foxx is her “secret” love, but apparently the relationship is so secret, not even the actress or the Oscar-winner know about it. Foxx himself has even said it’s not true multiple times, including earlier this month.

Now, in an exclusive statement to Gossip Cop, Holmes rep says definitively, “Katie is not dating anyone. She’s not gushing about anyone. These stories are untrue.” As for the latest fiction from Us Weekly, Holmes spokesperson tells Gossip Cop, “She was on phone with her daughter when she supposedly was overheard saying ‘I love you.’” The rep adds, “This gossip needs to stop.”

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Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Dating

(Us Weekly)


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