What Happened To Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx’s New York City Apartment?

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Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Moving In What Happened

By Hugh Scott |

Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Moving In What Happened

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx never bought an apartment together in New York City, as a tabloid falsely claimed a year ago. Gossip Cop debunked the fake story at the time it was published. 365 days later, our reporting has been proven even more reliable.

One year ago today, Star falsely claimed Holmes and Foxx had purchased a $56 million Manhattan penthouse. A so-called “insider” told the magazine, “They wanted something large and sophisticated,” and then the outlet went so far as to predict  thatHolmes was already redecorating one of the rooms into “a baby’s nursery” because the actress was “yearning for a baby.”

The whole story was just ridiculous. Gossip Cop checked with Holmes’ spokesperson who told us on the record that the report was completely false. Here we are a year later and everyone knows what has happened since: Holmes and Foxx are no longer together. We also noted last year, the publication claimed at the time that the actress was “yearning for a baby,” but just one month prior, it published another made-up story about Holmes having a “miracle baby” with Foxx. One would think the tabloid would at least try to keeps its phony stories consistent with each other, but clearly the outlet couldn’t even do that.

Holmes and Foxx was never living together during their casual romance, nor were they ever planning to have a child together. Foxx also never moved to New York from Los Angeles, as the article suggested. And just a few months ago, of course, the couple broke up. The tabloid really got burned on this one, as they often did with Holmes and Foxx stories. Gossip Cop has busted many over the years just like this one.

In July 2019, Gossip Cop called out Star when it ran a phony article claiming Holmes was pregnant with Foxx’s baby, and they were getting married. Of course, the tabloid failed to mention how it had wrongly reported in September 2018 that she was already pregnant. It was yet another explain of the outlet’s bogus articles not aligning with each other.

As it turns out, E! reported Holmes and Foxx  had actually broken up in May, but the tabloid didn’t know that yet because the news didn’t break until August. Instead, the publication was still inventing tall tales about the couple. It’s impossible to take the tabloid seriously after all these contradictory stories, so stick with Gossip Cop for the real scoop.


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