Did Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Make A Movie Together?

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Side by side shots of Katie Holmes on the red carpet and Jamie Foxx on the red carpet

By Laura Broman |

Side by side shots of Katie Holmes on the red carpet and Jamie Foxx on the red carpet

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx did not team up to make a movie together. That rumor was reported by a tabloid exactly one year ago, but there was no truth to it. One year later, Gossip Cop can update the situation.

NW claimed on February 4, 2019 that Holmes and Foxx were planning to star in a movie together and were in talks with screenwriters to come up with “the perfect plot.” Rather than citing any actual evidence from a Hollywood trade publication or from one of the actors themselves, the tabloid took the less trustworthy direction. According to a supposed source, the star couple hoped to play a husband and wife in a “Hollywood blockbuster.” Additionally, the “source” alleged that Holmes was hoping this film would provide a boost to her career.

Gossip Cop looked into the rumor and found it to be obviously false. A source close to the couple confirmed for us that the rumor was untrue: Foxx and Holmes were not working on any project together. At the time NW published this bogus story, Foxx and Holmes had been famously private about their relationship, neither one having spoken about it to the media. If you think about it for more than a second, it seems highly unlikely that such a private couple would team up for a movie in which they play a married couple.

One year later, it’s even easier to confirm that no movie of the kind NW mentioned is in the works. Most notably, Holmes and Foxx actually ended their relationship in August of 2019 – so, not the most opportune time to begin filming a couples’ movie. Both actors are, in fact, busy with different projects. While Holmes is starring in the soon-to-be-released horror film Brahms: The Boy II, Foxx recently had a lead role in the 2019 film Just Mercy and is lending his voice to the upcoming Pixar movie Soul.

As with any celebrity couple, Holmes and Foxx were the targets of endless made-up gossip over the course of their relationship. There are too many rumors to name here, but the list includes all the tabloids’ greatest hits. There was the Globe alleging Foxx had dumped Holmes at the altar in 2018, Star in claiming in July 2019 that Holmes was pregnant and the two were getting married, and just last month there was the National Enquirer and RadarOnline suggesting Holmes was “wasting away” after their split.

Gossip Cop busted all of those stories and more. In the end, there was no movie, no aborted marriage, no pregnancy. Unfortunately for the tabloids, the Holmes/Foxx relationship wasn’t nearly as melodramatic as they wanted it to be.


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