Katie Holmes Marrying Jamie Foxx After He Won Over Her Parents?

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Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes Married Parents

By Andrew Shuster |

Jamie Foxx Katie Holmes Married Parents

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Is Katie Holmes planning to marry Jamie Foxx now that the actor has won over her parents? That’s the claim in one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the situation, and we’ve learned the truth.

According to the Globe, the couple has been “unofficially engaged” for a while now, but Holmes is now determined to walk down the aisle because Foxx made a good impression with her parents during her birthday dinner in New York City last month. “Jamie was nervous about meeting Katie’s parents, Martin and Kathleen, who’ve long been suspicious about his motives,” an alleged insider tells the magazine. “But he’s assured them he has nothing but love for Katie and he’ll honor that once they’re man and wife.”

The tabloid’s story is inaccurate from the very start. Holmes brought her mom to her birthday dinner with Foxx last month, but the actress’s dad didn’t attend. The magazine’s bogus story is predicated on the idea that both of the actress’s parents were at her birthday dinner, which isn’t the case. Considering the outlet got a key detail of its story wrong, it’s clear the entire article is fabricated. Still, the supposed source goes on to say that Holmes is “so relieved” her parents like Foxx, as now she feels better than ever about tying the knot with the actor.

The tabloid’s untrue story is very similar to one that popped up last week in its sister outlet, the National Enquirer. That magazine said Holmes’ parents had given Foxx their blessing to marry their daughter. A source close to the actress told Gossip Cop there was no truth to the premise, and the same goes for this latest take on the subject.

As we’ve also noted many times, the actor and the actress aren’t engaged and have no plans to get hitched. The Globe claimed a few months ago that Foxx was forcing Holmes to sign a prenup before they got married. At the time the story was published, a rep for the actress assured us there was “no truth” to the marriage rumors. Nothing has changed in the short time since.

It’s worth mentioning, the Globe also has a habit of publishing contradictory reports about the famous couple. Last May, the magazine claimed Foxx and Holmes were planning a summer wedding. Just one week later, the unreliable outlet said Foxx had “dumped” Holmes. Neither premise was true, but it shows the publication has trouble keeping track of its phony stories. This latest article involving the actress’s parents is more fiction.


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