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A tabloid claims Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are getting married and having a baby after coming close to splitting earlier this year. Nothing about the story is remotely true. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

According to OK!, the couple's romance had been tumultuous prior to them stepping out together at the Met Gala earlier this month. A supposed source tells the magazine, "They're in a stable place now, but Katie and Jamie have had their fair share of fights, secrets and sadness over the course of their relationship."

The alleged insider further contends that one of the biggest issues in their relationship has been Foxx's "flirtatious personality and wandering eye," adding, "Katie's always had her suspicions that Jamie hasn't been faithful. There were times she was driven mad with jealousy." The seemingly phony tipster goes on to say the actor recently "reached a new level of maturity" and has become more "sweet and caring," so now Holmes is ready to take the next step in their relationship.

"Katie's been longing to have another baby so that [her daughter] Suri doesn't grow up an only child," asserts the so-called "source," who also maintains Foxx is now "on board" with having a child. "Of course, they want to get married," adds the seemingly phony tipster. "Paris has always been a special place for them, so they may just jump on a plane and do it [there] before the year is over."

The magazine's take on Holmes and Foxx's relationship is flat-out wrong. As Gossip Cop has repeatedly stressed, the two stars have an unconventional romance and live their own lives when they're not together. Just last month, People magazine similarly reported Holmes and Foxx spend time together "when they can," but are apart if their schedules don't align. The publication noted, "They are two adults who enjoy each other's company and have for a long time."

Meanwhile, E! News similarly confirmed last month how Holmes and Foxx "both travel and have lives outside of each other but they are very happy with this arrangement and to be together when they can be." They weren't on the verge of a breakup earlier this year, and the actress has never been "jealous" of Foxx's lifestyle. Actually, the two have always been on the same page when it comes to their dynamic.

As for the idea they're planning a wedding and a baby, it's simply not the case. When similar stories have arisen in the past, reps for both stars assured us it's never been in the cards. Nothing has changed. Also, OK! already claimed back in January that Holmes and Foxx had gotten married in Paris. No wedding took place, and glaringly this new latest article makes no mention of that phony scenario.

Last year, Gossip Cop also called out the magazine for falsely claiming Holmes and Foxx were having a baby together. That premise didn't pan out either. The reality is the untrustworthy outlet has little insight into the couple's romance.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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