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Is Katie Holmes spending thousands on a makeover to impress Jamie Foxx? A report claims the actress wants to "look sexy" to keep him interested. Gossip Cop, however, can reveal the truth.

"Katie's Foxxy Makeover for Jamie," reads a headline in the latest edition of Life & Style. The tabloid points out that during a July 16 outing with Foxx, Holmes "ditched her dowdy dungarees and frumpy hats and stepped out in a sexy off-the-shoulder bodice top and shorts." It's alleged her wardrobe was the result of Foxx hanging out with "other women" during a trip to Miami last month, as well as a July Fourth celebration with Kristin Grannis, the mother of his daughter.

A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "When Jamie hits the club, he's often surrounded by gorgeous girls. That's a lot of competition. So Katie went on a shopping spree before their big date and spent tens of thousands on new clothes." Suspiciously, neither the magazine or its untraceable insider offer any specifics. When, exactly, did this "shopping spree" take place? What boutiques did Holmes visit? What items did she purchase? And why wasn't Holmes seen with bags and bags of clothing?

None of this is addressed. Instead, the outlet's alleged tipster merely offers, "Katie thought it was time to up her game. She wants to look sexy for her man." But the publication is wrongly making it seem like last week was the first time the "Dawson's Creek" star has ever shown skin. In April, the Daily Mail pointed out that Holmes put her "trim physique" on display by wearing a crop top. That appearance was for the Tribeca Film Festival and had nothing to do with Foxx, who wasn't present.

Last fall, "Access Hollywood" highlighted that Holmes stepped out in a risque lace bra that served as her top at an ice show in Italy. Again, Foxx was not there. In fact, a quick Google search turns up dozens of photos of Holmes showing her abs at a number of events that he did not take part in over the years. She's never been shy about flaunting her long legs, either. In 2014, for example, Holmes rocked short shorts, which she paired with a bikini top. It was daughter Suri who was by her side then, not Foxx.

So, here's what's going on: Because Holmes was photographed last week wearing a crop top and shorts when she and Foxx stepped out for a date night, the tabloid manufactured this narrative about a "sexy" makeover to keep Foxx's attention. But there are plenty of photos readily available online showing that this outfit wasn't really a "striking departure from her usual look," as alleged by the magazine. It should also be noted weather records indicate the high temperature in New York City that day was 90deg. But the outlet clearly didn't take dressing for the climate into consideration.

As for the "shopping spree" contentions, as Gossip Cop noted above, there is no evidence to support such allegations. On top of that, a rep for Holmes tells us on the record that the claims are "not true." Readers should also be aware that this isn't the first time the publication has seemingly manufactured a story about her physical appearance without providing any proof to back it up.

In January, Life & Style wanted people to believe Foxx's friends were insisting Holmes needed a makeover. In that same tale, it was speculated she was also pregnant with his child. The tabloid admitted it didn't have confirmation, acknowledging, "Time will tell." Well, time has told. And just like Gossip Cop said almost exactly six months ago, Holmes wasn't and isn't expecting. Perhaps the outlet should work on a makeover of its own if it wants to be believed as a credible publication.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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