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Is Katie Holmes dealing with "double the heartbreak"? A report claims the actress has been left crushed by both Jamie Foxx and Joshua Jackson. Gossip Cop, however, can bust the story.

It's apparent right off the bat that this article in NW is bogus because the headline features a phony quote: "Katie's Dating Dilemma: 'I'm Cursed!'" Holmes never actually said that, which becomes clear about halfway through the story. The report begins with the magazine contending the star "just can't catch a break in the romance department" beause she's "currently dealing with double the heartbreak when it comes to her love life." The tabloid alleges that while Foxx won't commit, Holmes has "now been dealt the bitter blow" that Jackson has "moved on with a new girlfriend."

"Katie must be feeling cursed at this point," a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying. That's where the quote in the title came from — an unnamed, untraceable source. Despite what the headline falsely leads readers to believe, Holmes herself never made such a comment. And the outlet has no proof that she actually feels that way. Without evidence, the alleged tipster goes on to claim that Holmes is "desperate for a solid, exclusive romance to flourish," but Foxx has made it "very clear he won't go public," while Jackson, "her big backup," has "chosen this gorgeous new girlfriend whom Katie won't compete with."

Holmes is further described as "aching to get married and have another baby." Those are particularly odd claims to make considering this is the same publication that in February insisted Holmes and Foxx were getting married, and in March maintained she was pregnant with a baby girl. Not only did Gossip Cop bust both of those tall tales at the time, but if they were true, the magazine obviously wouldn't be peddling this new narrative that conflicts with both of them. Apparently the tabloid doesn't realize its credibility is totally shot. If the outlet was completely wrong about Holmes having a wedding and a baby earlier this year, why should readers believe this latest story?

They shouldn't, of course. And these newest contentions aren't accurate, just like the previous ones weren't. Just last month, People explained that Holmes and Foxx purposefully don't leave dinners together because they both prefer to be "private." It's a joint decision, not one the actor is forcing on her. Additionally, as opposed to getting into a serious relationship with him, or anyone else, and having another child, the reputable magazine stressed, "Her main focus is still Suri."

As for Jackson, his rep has denied he's dating Alyssa Julya Smith, but even if he was, it still wouldn't be a "serious slap in the face" to Holmes, as alleged. Contrary to the implications, the former co-stars have not been rekindling a romance, even though NW (falsely) claimed in May that Jackson was spending time with Holmes and Suri. That's right: The publication went from alleging Holmes was marrying Foxx and having his baby to asserting she was getting back together with Jackson to now claiming she's suffering from "double the heartbreak" due to both men.

The reality is Holmes' heart hasn't been broken by either guy. She and Foxx keep a casual dynamic because that's the way they both want it. She and Jackson haven't restarted their long-ago romance because they realized they didn't work decades ago. And the outlet's horrid track record shows it has no business writing about the actress at all.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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