Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx: NOT Hooking Up, NO Secret Fling (EXCLUSIVE)

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Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Secret

By Daniel Gates |

Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Secret

(Us Weekly)

Another day, another Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx romance rumor. Us Weekly claims in its new cover story that the two stars have been secretly “hooking up” since 2013, and that a photo of Holmes and Foxx holding hands is the smoking gun. Gossip Cop has been busting tabloid stories linking the pair for years, and we can EXCLUSIVELY bust this latest report. Holmes and Foxx are NOT dating, they’re NOT hooking up, and the photo is NOT what Us Weekly wants people to think it is.

“Nearly two years after their first hookup, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are going strong,” claims the magazine. According to Us Weekly, “the duo have managed to keep their trysts a secret from all but their closest confidants.”

There are lots of speculative details about how the “action” goes down behind closed doors at Foxx’s house, where the magazine claims “Holmes’ every wish is Foxx’s command.” Us Weekly can’t get enough of this stuff: Holmes supposedly strolling through Foxx’s avocado grove, watching Oscar screeners in his home theater, and getting dinner from his private chef. Meanwhile, she allegedly hasn’t told daughter Suri about Foxx, and has only shared the relationship with her “inner circle.”

Us Weekly knows there’s nothing to this story, which is why it includes this disclaimer from a so-called “pal” of the couple: “[Foxx] and Katie have no desire to go public. It’s not exclusive.” Oh, how convenient! So even though Holmes and Foxx are both single, and there’s no real reason to hide their “relationship,” it will just stay hidden forever.

The only real “new” piece to the tabloid’s regurgitation of a discredited 2013 rumor is a picture of Foxx and Holmes with their hands touching. Us Weekly fails to give context, but Gossip Cop can exclusively report: The picture was snapped at a read-through for a new animated film. There were other people in the room, there was nothing romantic about their affection, and the idea that it serves as evidence of some kind of “secret” fling Holmes and Foxx are allegedly going to great lengths to conceal is, a source close to the situation tells us, “laughable.”

A source close to Holmes tells Gossip Cop exclusively that nothing has changed between those previous false romance reports and this one. “It’s not true,” we’re told. Meanwhile, a source in Foxx’s camp says the same thing, telling Gossip Cop exclusively that he and Holmes are “just friends.” Can we please put this story to rest, once and for all?


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