Katie Holmes Did NOT Demand Jamie Foxx “Give Up Junk Food,” Despite Report

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Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Junk Food

By Andrew Shuster |

Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Junk Food

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Katie Holmes did not demand that Jamie Foxx “give up junk food,” despite a completely made-up report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this nonsense. We’re told there’s no truth to it.

An alleged insider tells RadarOnline that Foxx made it seem like he was “health-conscious” when the two first started dating, but the actress has come to realize “he’s a candy bar-eating closet junkie.” According to site’s “source,” Holmes is dedicated to diet and exercise, but Foxx isn’t as concerned with staying fit. Now, says the “insider,” the actress is putting her foot down.

“She’s banned him from eating [junk food],” says the supposed source. As the story goes, Holmes has purportedly caught the actor “hoarding cookies” and other fatty foods on occasion. “She worries about him,” adds the questionable tipster. “After all, he’s 50!” Gossip Cop, however, has learned this entire narrative is fabricated.

A source close to the situation laughed off the outlet’s story before exclusively assuring us it’s “false.” It’s possible this article was concocted because Holmes and Foxx were spotted heading to the gym together on Valentine’s Day, but the implication that she forces him to stay healthy isn’t true. The movie star, who frequently plays action heroes on the big screen, isn’t gorging on junk food and getting out of shape.

It’s worth noting, Gossip Cop often has to call out RadarOnline for publishing lies surrounding Foxx and Holmes’ causal relationship. Shortly after photos emerged of the two holding hands on the beach last year, we busted the site for falsely claiming that Foxx reached out to Tom Cruise and asked for his blessing to date his ex-wife. Following that fabrication, the blog wrongly reported that Holmes was meeting up with Cruise to “clear-the-air” about her relationship with Foxx.

Oddly enough, this also isn’t the first time that Gossip Cop has had to debunk a bogus story about the pair clashing over their different lifestyles. We previously busted the online outlet for wrongly alleging that Foxx wanted to give Holmes a “hip-hop makeover” because he finds her choice of clothing too “prim and proper.” Most gossip publications seem to know very little about Foxx and Holmes’ dynamic. This latest phony article is another example.

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