Katie Holmes Upset With Jamie Foxx For Flirting With Other Women?

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Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx

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Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx

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Is Katie Holmes upset with Jamie Foxx for “flirting” with other women? That’s what one of this week’s magazines is claiming. Gossip Cop, however, can correct the report. We’re told it’s completely wrong.

“Katie Catches Jamie Flirting,” reads the headline of a new Life & Style story. It then contends that after the former “Dawson’s Creek” star saw photos of Foxx “cozying up to several scantily clad women” during a game of beach volleyball at Leonardo DiCaprio’s house in Malibu over July 4th weekend, Holmes was “seeing stars.” The magazine then asserts a “friend” of Foxx tells the outlet, “Long-distance relationships like theirs require a lot of trust and communication, but Jamie’s the kind of guy who loves to go out partying.” “He’s always being seen with other women,” adds the supposed Foxx pal.

The alleged tipster speculates, “I’m sure [Holmes] wishes that he would stop the blatant flirting.” “It’s just disrespectful,” says the Foxx “source.” It appears that while concocting this article, the outlet or its purported “insider” forgot this was all supposed to come from a Foxx “friend” since a real buddy probably wouldn’t first note how cross-country romances “require a lot of trust” and then call him “disrespectful.”

Of course, the tabloid has a long history of publishing stories about Holmes and Foxx that Gossip Cop has debunked, and time has repeatedly proven us right. Also, the publication’s entire premise is based on quotes from an anonymous and possibly made-up “source.” Conversely, Holmes’ rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop on the record that the tale is “not true.”

The reality is the dynamic of Holmes and Foxx’s relationship is such that they see one another when they can, and focus on each other when they’re together. Also, Gossip Cop was told some time ago that Foxx is smart enough to know that whenever he’s out in public there’s a strong chance he’ll be photographed, which is why there are never any pictures of him doing anything remotely inappropriate around or with other women. And the images of him on the beach at DiCaprio’s home are hardly anything that would upset Holmes.

As mentioned earlier, Life & Style has published many inaccurate articles about Holmes and Foxx that call into question the credibility of their sources. For instance, last December the magazine printed a cover story that swore up and down Holmes was “dumped on her 40th birthday” by Foxx. In the real world, however, Foxx flew across the country to have dinner with Holmes and her mom Kathleen at Serendipity in New York. They were spotted days later kissing on a yacht in Miami.

It’s also the same outlet that Gossip Cop busted a year ago when it declared on its cover that Holmes and Foxx had “baby news.” The tabloid even maintained the actress had a visible baby “bump,” but as her spokesperson told us, Holmes was “not pregnant.” A good 12 months later, it’s clear the publication’s sources aren’t that knowledgeable.

And the same publication insisted nearly two years ago, based on yet another unnamed and unidentifiable “source,” that Holmes and Foxx were engaged after a “secret proposal.” Apparently, it was so secret that neither star knows about it to this day. At the time, their reps told Gossip Cop the two were not engaged and do not plan to marry. If anything, the tabloid is flirting with disaster by relying on its current crop of Holmes and Foxx tipsters.


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