Tabloid Flip-Flops On Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Combining Families

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Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Combining Families

By Shari Weiss |

Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Combining Families

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Life & Style is now asserting fans shouldn’t expect Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx to “combine their families.” This is a massive flip-flop, given that the tabloid previously claimed they were not only getting married but having a baby. Gossip Cop can expose the inconsistency and the falsehoods, as well as reveal the truth.

For as long as Holmes and Foxx have been linked in the gossip media, this magazine and its ilk have been peddling wedding and pregnancy stories. But for the sake of time, Gossip Cop will limit the scope of this particular examination to the past year, beginning with a May story from the outlet that alleged they were planning a summer wedding. A so-called “source” speculated, “They would want it to be a quiet, under-the-radar ceremony in a romantic spot like Italy or the coast of France.”

Summer came and went without a wedding, just as Gossip Cop said it would. Then in September, the publication claimed Holmes and Foxx had plans for a “wedding and a baby.” Here, a “source” was quoted as saying, “Jamie recently sat down with his closest friends and told them that he plans to marry Katie and have a baby with her.” That same month, it was alleged Holmes was wearing an engagement ring. We debunked all the untruthful contentions.

And then in December, the tabloid issued a “bump alert” for Holmes. In a nonsensical statement, the magazine theorized, “It would make sense that Katie is pregnant because recent reports suggested that she was tired of all the sneaking around.” Gossip Cop wasn’t sure then what one would have to do with the other and we still aren’t now. But the bigger issue currently is that after being wrong about Holmes being pregnant, and wrong about the prior marriage stories, the outlet is now saying something entirely different.

“They’re definitely taking their relationship slow,” writes Life & Style on its website. What happened to having both a wedding and a baby? Tellingly, none of that is mentioned anywhere in this new story, which was prompted by People reporting on whether Foxx and Holmes have met each other’s kids. In a series of articles posted online Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the reputable publication said what Gossip Cop has rightly reported for years: They don’t consider themselves a couple and are not in some serious romance.

One article noted, “They still have their own separate lives and they aren’t trying to join them together.” Another said, “They don’t want to be labeled as a couple… There are no obligations, no requirements.” This is what Gossip Cop has said all along, while Life & Style has been claiming the opposite. This flip-flop, going from insisting they were becoming a family to now acknowledging they’re not “combining,” shows that all our busts were correct and proves that the tabloid didn’t have legitimate “sources.” If it did, it would’ve had the right information all along.

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