Fake Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Stories Dominate News Search Results

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Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Fake News

By Andrew Shuster |

Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Fake News

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are not “going public with their romance,” but one would wrongly think otherwise, based on the fake news stories that pop up after typing their names into a search engine.

As Gossip Cop reported, Us Weekly claimed earlier this month that Foxx and Holmes are ready to announce they’re dating, but reliable sources close to both stars exclusively assured us the story wasn’t true. Regardless, numerous websites simply regurgitated the magazine’s report without bothering to do any fact-checking, and are now being rewarded with traffic and revenue for spreading this fake news. After searching for Holmes and Foxx’s names together on Google, the top results include false stories from the New York Daily News, AOL and the Washington Post, all of which based their information on Us Weekly’s inaccurate reporting. And shockingly, not one outlet noted that they even attempted to find out whether the claim was true or not.

Examples of the types of headlines that pop up after searching for the two stars include the declarations that Holmes and Foxx are “ready to go public with relationship,” “preparing to take a big step in their relationship,” and “decided to reveal the thing we all know.” The net result is readers are duped into believing fake news, and the outlets that failed to do any reporting earn what’s called “pagerank,” and ironically end up being considered an authority by search engines on the subject they clearly know nothing about.

Check out the results below of searching for Holmes and Foxx’s names on Google. You’ll notice that Gossip Cop, the only outlet on the list that reported the story accurately, is at the bottom.

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