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Is Katie Holmes really upset with Jamie Foxx for dining with another woman? A tabloid is sensationalizing an innocent meal to cause trouble for the pair. Gossip Cop can debunk the story.

"The Photos That Broke Katie's Heart," reads a dramatic headline in Woman's Day Australia. The magazine features paparazzi images of Foxx dining at Catch with a woman by his side. The photos are used to claim Holmes is "facing even more anguish" as a result of Foxx "flirting up a storm yet again." It's alleged the actress has been "left feeling dejected and heartbroken."

A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Katie has tried really hard to keep her head up and give Jamie the benefit of the doubt, but there's only so much she can take... Katie is understandably devastated by this." To be clear, the outlet wants readers to believe Holmes is "devastated" that Foxx shared a meal with someone who isn't her, and that that woman gave the actor a hug. Conveniently, the pictures are cropped so as not to show who else was dining with Foxx and his female pal.

This is indicative of what a Holmes source recently brought up with Gossip Cop, pointing out that the tabloids almost never feature Foxx with men, wrongly giving the impression that he exclusively surrounds himself with women all the time. By distorting reality, the gossip media is able to fuel this narrative about Foxx being a womanizer who continually betrays Holmes. Indeed, the publication maintains "these latest incriminating photos could be the final straw" for the actress.

"Katie is at her wits' end now," contends the alleged "insider," who adds, "None of her friends would be surprised if she decided to kick him to the curb." Actually, it would be surprising, because instead of going their separate ways, the couple appears to be more committed to one another than ever before. Recent photos of Foxx and Holmes prove they're still together, and they happen to be the most affectionate the pair has ever been in public to date.

The pictures show the stars kissing and cuddling on a Malibu beach. Now if Foxx had been photographed acting that way with another woman, it would be understandable if Holmes was "devastated." But again, he merely dined with a group of people. In fact, In Touch, which previously used these same photos to try claim Holmes was "betrayed" by Foxx's "flirting," specifically noted that he arrived to the restaurant with friends.

But to make it scandalous, both tabloids are twisting the sighting into something objectionable. It's clear, however, through Holmes' own behavior with Foxx that they are still in a good place, despite how these magazines make it seem.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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