Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Rocked By Cheating Claims?

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Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Cheating Claims

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Cheating Claims


Are Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx being rocked by cheating claims? That’s what the cover of a British tabloid is alleging. But it isn’t the least bit true. Gossip Cop can bust this story.

“Katie’s Heartbreak Over Cheating Rumors,” reads the headline inside Grazia, which falsely claims she and Foxx “made things red carpet official at a pre-Grammys party” last month. They did nothing of the sort. Holmes and the actor have never ever posed together on a red carpet. But that’s the least of the problems here. The gossip magazine alleges their supposed “happy ending” hasn’t come without “complications.” It’s specifically claimed that although they were photographed smiling at the aforementioned Grammy Awards party, “behind the scenes, Katie has been forced to ‘lay down the law’ with Jamie over rumors that he has cheated.”

A so-called “well-placed source” is quoted as saying, “Jamie has a reputation as a ladies’’ man and Katie has always been well aware of that and the scrutiny it causes.” This alleged tipster claims to the outlet that Holmes has been “growing concerned that his penchant for partying has been getting out of control when there are other women around,” and asserts she’s “heard whispers from friends in the industry that his partying attracts female attention and with that inevitably come rumors.”

As an example, the publication mentions that last year a “US magazine” alleged Foxx “betrayed” Holmes with a Russian mistress, but “his rep dismissed the claim as ‘completely fabricated.'” It was to Gossip Cop whom the spokesperson gave that statement, and nowhere does Grazia give us credit for our debunking despite referencing it. Instead, the UK tabloid goes on to bring up other inaccurate rumors, such as Foxx allegedly “flirting” with Eva Longoria.

The supposed snitch claims Holmes is now “terrified of getting hurt or, worse, publicly humiliated,” and contends she’s told Foxx that “while she doesn’t believe everything she reads, the rumors upset her.” This purported tipster further asserts, “This is no longer a casual fling and hasn’t been for some time,” and maintains Holmes would be “devastated” if the relationship “were to crumble within a matter of months of going public.”

Contrary to what the gossip media wants readers to believe, while it can change, at this point their relationship is not serious. As People recently reported about Holmes and Foxx, “When they can be together, they are. There are no obligations, no requirements.” So the notion that she’s “lay[ing] down the law” about alleged dalliances with other women has no basis in reality. And while they ended up sitting together at the Grammys party, Holmes was actually “uncomfortable” with the situation, and they never intended the event to be some sort of coming out.

Furthermore, Gossip Cop is assured that no one genuinely close to Holmes would be talking about whatever is or isn’t going on with her and Foxx to an outlet like Grazia. They haven’t been rocked by anything, nor is Holmes dealing with “heartbreak.” This cover story is embarrassingly wrong, and the purported “well-placed source” appears to be fictional. To paraphrase one of the lines: Don’t believe everything you read.

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