Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx NOT “Bitter Exes,” Despite Report

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Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx

By Michael Lewittes |

Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are not “bitter exes,” despite a new report. The claim comes from the same outlet that falsely began the rumor that the two had called off their wedding and split up. As Gossip Cop exclusively reported, it was all untrue. And now we hear that far from being “bitter,” while Foxx and Holmes see each other when they can, and keep their relationship casual, there is real “love” for one another.

The latest misfire from RadarOnline is titled, “Bitter Exes? Katie Holmes Enjoys Paris As Jamie Foxx Parties Hard In Hollywood.” The website again incorrectly maintains the two recently “called it quits after five years of [a] secret romance,” and that they were “ready to take the next step… planning a Paris wedding and lavish honeymoon.” But after those untrue statements, the outlet really has nothing new to offer, other than to say Foxx was just seen in L.A. “with two models by his side.”

Naturally, the blog doesn’t have any details, including who the supposed “models” were or what the circumstances were. In fact, the outlet, which boasts at the end of most of its articles, “we pay for juicy info,” didn’t shell out the money to buy the photos of Foxx with the two women. The Daily Mail, however, paid for the photos of Foxx with two ladies in Malibu, and noted that the Oscar-winner was simply “chatting to the women at a private event while showing them images on his phone.”

Nowhere in the British tabloid’s account was there anything to suggest that Foxx and Holmes’ relationship is now “bitter” or that they really split. And frankly, the new RadarOnline piece also offers no proof whatsoever that anything is “bitter” between the two. It almost feels as if the often disproved website just wanted to run a sensational headline to dupe its readers into clicking onto a number of unrelated photos.

Regardless, as Gossip Cop was the first to report last week, despite the blog’s claim about a proposed “Paris wedding” and supposed breakup, there was no wedding for Holmes and Foxx to call off nor did they split. A rep for Foxx first exclusively told us there never ever were marriage plans, and a rep for Holmes also assured us the site’s story was “100 percent untrue.” A day later, People confirmed our reporting with an article that similarly stated talk of a Holmes-Foxx split was wrong.

Almost comically, the website that started this bogus premise claims, “Katie just couldn’t get over her trust issues.” But the reality is one shouldn’t necessarily trust that outlet’s reporting because Holmes and Foxx’s relationship is perfectly in tact. Of course, it’s the same blog that in April 2016 falsely swore up and down that they were getting married in Michigan, only to reverse itself in October of that year and wrongly also contend Foxx dumped Holmes.

The truth and only new development Gossip Cop hears is that while they see each other when time permits, Holmes and Foxx have true feelings of “love” for each other. After some digging we can confirm that Page Six was right on the money on Monday when it reported that Holmes told Foxx she loves him while FaceTiming with him on her plane to Paris for Fashion Week. That’s hardly “bitter.” It’s actually quite sweet.


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