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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were photographed hugging and even kissing last week on a beach in Malibu, and while most outlets simply related the facts, RadarOnline used the opportunity to link the rare spotting of them being affectionate to its previously debunked claim about them having split up. The websites writes that Foxx and Holmes "have ended breakup rumors by cavorting on [a] Malibu beach together." Bizarrely, though, the blog doesn't mention how it was largely responsible for those untrue "breakup rumors."

Unable to acknowledge how it fueled the false narrative, the habitually disproven site further blathers how despite the new photos of Holmes and Foxx "cuddling together on the sand," it was only weeks ago that "Foxx looked cozy with other women at a pool party in Miami." Continue to bury itself deeper than the sand on the beach in Malibu, the outlet brings up yet about one of its inaccurate claims about how "Holmes had been planning her dream wedding to Foxx, but then had a sudden change of heart... because she had 'trust issues.'" As Gossip Cop previously noted, the ones not to trust are that blog's so-called sources.

Foxx is often photographed at events, and is even sometimes paid for his appearances. Regardless of why he's at certain places, we're told he's always fully aware that people are taking pictures of him. Of course, no images have emerged of him acting in any manner that Holmes would have a serious issue with. Additionally, as pointed out by a source close to them, there are plenty of images of Foxx hanging out with men, but the tabloids choose not to publish them because they don't fit in with the made-up premise about his possibly cheating.

Among the other inaccuracies in the latest article is that there was a wedding planned but Foxx and Holmes called it off. Reps for both stars, speaking on behalf of their clients, went on the record to shoot down that manufactured claim. Just a little more than five weeks ago, the same website maintained Foxx and Holmes were set to "celebrate their love with a wedding in Paris," but then suddenly nixed it. A rep for the actress reiterated to Gossip Cop there were no nuptials ever in the works, and the report was "100 percent untrue."

Also false was the assertion that Holmes and Foxx had broken up. For a long time, the two made a point of keeping their relationship casual and out of the public eye. But just a few weeks ago, Gossip Cop confirmed a Page Six report that noted there's real love between Holmes and Foxx. And while no one in their camps are discussing the latest set of photos of them on the beach, it appears they clearly decided to give the paparazzi what they wanted rather than hiding or being chased around for photos.

Interestingly, before advertising at the end of its latest article that the blog pays for stories, a practice that's frowned upon by legitimate news outlets, the flip-floppers at RadarOnline speculate whether there could be "wedding chatter again"? There may be chatter, but much like several of the website's other recent articles about Holmes and Foxx having split up and become "bitter exes," it too would be wrong again.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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