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Though Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have kept their dynamic fairly casual, the tabloids have spent years trying to turn their relationship into something serious. This is often done by giving the pair a baby that doesn't exist. Check out five of the most recent rumors about Holmes and Foxx having a child together below.

Life & Style issued a "bump alert" for the stars on one of its December covers. Not only was there no baby bump, though, but the picture it showcased of Holmes and Foxx wasn't even authentic. It was two separate images of Holmes and Foxx individually that were photoshopped to give readers the false impression that they posed for a snapshot together. And what proof did the tabloid have that there was baby on the way? None, actually. The magazine merely referenced Holmes supporting Foxx at a Prive event, and quoted a so-called "witness" as saying, "They avoided being seen together and left separately." That had nothing to do with having a baby together, and a rep for Holmes confirmed to Gossip Cop that she's wasn't pregnant.

In March, NW announced in a headline, "Katie's Expecting A Sister For Suri: 'Yes, I'm Pregnant!'" That quote, of course, was a complete fabrication. That was evident when as opposed to presenting legitimate evidence or confirmation, the outlet cited an untraceable "insider," who merely offered, "There's a lot of talk from Katie's inner circle that she and Jamie are having a baby." Furthering presenting conjecture instead of proof, this supposed source maintained, "I've heard she's just hit the three-month-mark, which would put her due date around August." Well, not only did Gossip Cop bust this story at the time, but it's abundantly clear the actress is not about to give birth next month. See, for example, a video Holmes posted on Instagram earlier this month of herself water skiing. That is certainly not an activity a woman would be doing while eight months pregnant.

The following month, sites such as PopCulture speculated Holmes was pregnant after she and Foxx separately left a restaurant together. Pointing to paparazzi pictures of the "Dawson's Creek" star and subsequent comments from fans, the blog suggested Holmes "appeared to have the early signs of a baby bump, and that she was attempting to hide it with her purple and white robe." Of course, she wasn't wearing a "robe," but a kimono-like coat that at times gave the illusion of a bigger mid-section. But, as Gossip Cop pointed out, there were also photos of Holmes with the jacket open, exposing a perfectly flat stomach area. Had the website done some more research, it would've realized Holmes wasn't hiding anything at all.

In May, Woman's Day wanted readers to believe Holmes was telling friends she was expecting Foxx's baby. On top of that, the publication's alleged tipster claimed the actress had been suffering from "a few health complications that have required her to be on bed rest." Insisted this questionable snitch, "Jamie has been amazing and has gone to every single doctor's appointment." But it was apparent Holmes hadn't been on bed rest at all, as she was repeatedly photographed out and about. As for having a child, in a story around this time about Holmes and Foxx leaving dinner dates separately, People specifically reported, "Her main focus is still Suri." Gossip Cop was assured she had no intention of changing her focus to another child who didn't actually exist.

Most recently, Life & Style peddled yet another pregnancy tale in early July. Here the tabloid theorized that a "little Foxx" was on the way because Holmes supposedly sported a "suspicious-looking bump" during a trip to Paris. The magazine went on to reference false rumors about the pair splitting and calling off a wedding, arguing that the fact they were still together might mean "they could have a baby on the way." By that faulty logic, every couple that stays together must be expecting. Right. Gossip Cop opted to check in with Holmes' spokesperson, who revealed she wasn't pregnant and chalked up the alleged "bump" to an "unflattering angle." Naturally, the publication never explained what happened to Holmes' supposed "bump" from December.

It should be noted that these are just a few examples from the past seven months, and a very, very small sampling from the past five years or so. The tabloids have repeatedly impregnated Holmes with Foxx's baby, and never once has it been true. The duo have never had plans to join their lives together through a child, and still don't. Should something change in the future, Gossip Cop will have the real news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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