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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have not decided to have a baby together, despite a new report from the tabloids. Not only does this contradict a prior story, but it's also not true in the slightest. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the claim.

Last September, Life & Style ran a false article about Foxx wanting to marry Holmes and have a baby with her. Then just last week, the gossip magazine flip-flopped on Foxx and Holmes combining families. In that piece, which was copied from People, the outlet said the stars were "definitely taking their relationship slow." But now, just days later, the publication is back to its original narrative, insisting the relationship has "gotten so serious" that they're heading toward parenthood.

In fact, according to the tabloid, Holmes and Foxx made their "true public debut as a couple" at a pre-Grammys party and are "finally stepping out together" because they've "decided to have a baby." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Jamie and Katie have been talking at great length about having a child together." A purported "insider" supposedly "confirms" that they "both want to start a family," and maintains it's "why they feel it's time to go public with their love."

And because Holmes supposedly has a "glowing complexion and [a] hint of a bump," the magazine insists there's "speculation she could even be expecting already." The aforementioned "source" contends, "At 39, Katie can feel her biological clock ticking. She's been telling friends that she doesn't have time to waste." Of course, if this snitch and the alleged "insider" were really knowledgeable, they would know for sure whether or not the actress is already expecting. For the record, this same outlet also wrongly speculated Holmes had a baby bump in December.

As this new story goes on, it's asserted Foxx and Holmes have prioritized having a child over tying the knot, with the "insider" alleging, "They're both excited to have a baby." Actually, it's the publication that's "excited," since this whole narrative was manufactured. For years the gossip media has been spreading tabloid fantasies in which the pair marry and have a baby. But the claims have never matched reality and they still don't.

For example, while the tabloid claims "Katie and Jamie were thrilled to finally be out in public together" and make their debut as a "couple," Holmes was actually "really uncomfortable" being in the spotlight with Foxx at the Grammys party. People further reported, "They don't see themselves as a couple in the traditional sense and they don't want to be labeled as a couple," backing up what Gossip Cop has rightly said for years.

And contrary to the assertions that Holmes "can't wait to have children with Jamie" and that Foxx has "wanted to start a family with Katie for a while," it was also noted by People, "They still have their own separate lives and they aren't trying to join them together. They aren't focused on what's next or what the future holds." But here's Life & Style, with its horrible track record, trying to get readers to believe otherwise.

The story was naturally picked up without any fact-checking by the equally disreputable Celebrity Insider. Simply put, there's no baby on the horizon and there's no "serious" relationship. There's just the tabloids striking out again and again and again. A rep for Foxx exclusively tells Gossip Cop this baby story is "completely inaccurate."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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