Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx NOT Expecting A Baby, Despite Late And Wrong Report

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Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Baby Late Wrong

By Andrew Shuster |

Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Baby Late Wrong

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are not expecting a baby together, despite a late and wrong report that Gossip Cop already debunked. We can once again clear up the rumors about the two starting a family. We’re told it’s simply not true.

Last week, Gossip Cop busted a bogus Life & Style article claiming that Foxx and Holmes had decided to have a baby. A rep for the actor exclusively told us on the record that the claim was “completely inaccurate,” while a source close to the actress similarly assured us on background that there’s no child on the way. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped HollywoodLife from regurgitating the phony narrative.

Without bothering to do any fact-checking, the unreliable blog quotes the tabloid’s alleged insider as saying, “Jamie and Katie have been talking at great length about having a child together. He’s crazy about her and thinks they’ll have an adorable baby.” The site goes on to recycle the baseless claim that Holmes may already be pregnant because she was “glowing” at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party last month.

As the story goes, Holmes is supposedly eager to have another child because her daughter Suri is getting older and “she really misses having a baby around the house.” However, Holmes and Foxx weren’t having a baby together last week, and nothing has changed in the short time since. The online publication is simply spreading nonsense that Gossip Cop has already disproven and shot down by Foxx’s own spokesperson.

As we’ve noted in the past, Holmes and Foxx casually date and know each other’s children, but neither one envisions marriage or having babies together in the near future. As People has reported, the actor and actress enjoy spending time with one another when their schedules allow it, but they’re not in a committed relationship. HollywoodLies, as it’s been nicknamed, hasn’t gotten the memo.

Gossip Cop recently busted the website for making up a phony story about Foxx being a “father figure” to Holmes’ daughter Suri. Shortly before that fabrication, we called out the blog for wrongly reporting that the actress was pushing the actor go “go public” with their romance. We’ve also debunked the site’s many articles dragging Tom Cruise into the narrative, all of which can be seen in our archives. There’s obviously a lot of secrecy surrounding Holmes and Foxx’s relationship, which inspires disreputable outlets to concoct bogus stories about them. This latest article featuring recycled baby rumors is yet more fiction, and provably so.