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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are not having a baby, despite the millionth claim by an uninformed tabloid. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this latest speculation. We're categorically assured she is "not pregnant."

Life & Style, which is now part of the same tabloid family that publishes the National Enquirer, In Touch, OK!, Globe, Us Weekly, and Star, exclaims on the cover of its current issue, "Katie & Jamie: Big Baby News!" Inside the magazine, along with another headline that reads, "Little Foxx?", there's a photo of Holmes, with an arrow pointing to her belly as she leaned back a bit to take a picture in Paris. After noting Holmes and her daughter Suri were in France for Fashion Week, the outlet maintains the actress has what it calls a "suspicious-looking bump."

Following that piece of non-journalism, the magazine relates how Holmes' rep previously said reports of the actress and Foxx splitting were "100 percent untrue." The fact that they're still together, reasons the publication, means "they could have a baby on the way." Actually, it just means they haven't broken up.

It bears mentioning that the rumor of a Holmes and Foxx split was begun by Life & Style's site RadarOnline, spread by various other outlets in its tabloid family, including Star, and exclusively debunked by Gossip Cop, to whom the actress's rep first spoke. Additionally, if the publication is using Holmes' spokesperson to prove she and Foxx have not split, why didn't it simply ask the rep if she's pregnant now?

The answer is simple: Many of these celebrity magazines, now under the same roof, often don't seek rep comments, which is Journalism 101, because there would be little to publish if they only went with the truth. Instead, they routinely hide behind unnamed and untraceable sources, as well as simple speculation, based on photos. In this particular instance, because Holmes is leaning back, it caused the front of her her body to protrude a tiny bit. But she does not have a baby bump.

Since Holmes can't personally respond to every stupid tabloid story, Gossip Cop reached out to her rep, who's authorized to speak on her behalf. And we're assured the actress is "not pregnant." In fact, her spokesperson also pointed out that what the magazine thinks is a "bump" is actually nothing more than an "unflattering angle" of the actress taken by a paparazzo in Paris.

The magazine, of course, has a track record for publishing false reports about Holmes having a baby bump and being pregnant with Foxx's child. A full seven months ago, the same untrustworthy outlet photoshopped pictures of the two stars, much like it did again this time, and exclaimed, "Jamie & Katie: Bump Alert!" If she actually had a "bump" back in December 2017, Holmes would have been three to four months pregnant then and the baby would've already been born. That story was a total lie, and so is the current article.

In the real world, however, Holmes posted a video on Instagram of her waterskiing on Wednesday. That's one of the sports women are warned about doing while pregnant. According to American Pregnancy Association's official website, it's specifically noted in its section on "exercise and pregnancy" that "you should avoid... water skiing." Clearly, she's not expecting, and as a consumer, you should avoid fake news reports about Holmes and Foxx having a baby.

Conclusion: The tabloid has no basis whatsoever to claim Holmes has "big baby news." Its entire article is predicated on one paparazzo image of the actress bending in a certain way that makes her midsection look a tiny bit bigger. And yet the outlet declared she has a "suspicious-looking bump." The only thing suspicious is the publication itself, which offers no proof or sources to back up its baseless speculation. Conversely, on behalf on Holmes, her spokesperson assures Gossip Cop she's "not pregnant," and for those reasons, we've rated the report as fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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