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Has Katie Holmes "finally agreed" to marry Jamie Foxx? That was the premise behind a breathless cover story exactly one year ago today. Gossip Cop was told at the time the report was inaccurate, and now 12 months later it's clear they still haven't had an "intimate" wedding.

On May 9, 2018, OK! maintained Holmes had "finally agreed to say 'I do'" to Foxx. The tabloid alleged back then it had learned from an insider that the actress was initially "reluctant" to marry Foxx, but the Oscar-winner had "done everything" he could to reassure Holmes he was ready to walk down the aisle with her. Once she felt comfortable, reported the magazine, the two decided to plan a "small" wedding.

From there, the outlet's so-called "source" claimed Suri Cruise was "over the moon" about her mom's upcoming nuptials and being tapped as the maid of honor. The purported tipster also shared how Holmes had already picked out a designer gown, the cake, and even the wedding's decorative theme, all for "not more than $250,000." Glaringly omitted in the made-up story was where and when the ceremony was to take place. And, of course, as Gossip Cop rightly reported 365 days ago, Foxx and Holmes were not getting married, and there was never a wedding in the works.

As we also pointed out last year, the tabloid intentionally left out of its article how more than two years ago in April 2017 it similarly claimed incorrectly that Foxx and Holmes were planning a wedding. Admittedly, the two have become more open about their romance, even recently attending the Met Gala together, but they're still not going to wed. While the publication's tales have been based on anonymous and possibly fabricated sources, Foxx's rep went on the record with Gossip Cop to say the actor is "not getting married."

It bears mentioning how two months after that untrue cover story about them tying the knot, the magazine printed another front page article that Gossip Cop busted which falsely contended Foxx and Holmes had split up. Curiously, a couple of months later in a report about Holmes breaking down over her romance with Foxx and Suri wanting to reunite with Tom Cruise, a supposed insider was quoted as telling the outlet, "all [Holmes] wants is to get married." That contradicted its previous narrative about how Holmes reluctantly "agreed" to wed Foxx.

Even more confusing was how earlier this year, the very same tabloid asserted Holmes and Foxx had secretly gotten married in Paris. And while the supposed nuptials they were preparing in May 2018 was going to cost "not more than $250,000," the alleged wedding in France cost them "$230,00 in champagne" alone, before the "fireworks over the Eiffel Tower" and all the other phony details. In the real world, however, they did not get married in Paris, a point both Foxx and Holmes' spokespersons confirmed to Gossip Cop.

The reason we occasionally look back at a cover story from the year before is to show how its claims have aged. Clearly, OK! has been less than okay with its tales about Holmes and Foxx, who have not planned a marriage ceremony, wed abroad, or broken up, despite the magazine's varying accounts. Gossip Cop wants its readers to remember these inaccuracies when trying to gauge future articles from that publication. It's our belief that the more informed our visitors are, the better they'll be able to also separate fact from fiction in celebrity reporting.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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