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Katie Holmes and James Van Der Beek are friendly, but did she "reignite" their friendship to make Jamie Foxx "jealous"? That's the rumor that surfaced on Tuesday. But Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the untrue story.

RadarOnline is claiming Holmes and Foxx have "split," and she's "reignited her friendship" with Van Der Beek to get back at her beau. The site quotes a so-called "source," who unnaturally and suspiciously uses Foxx's full name to assert Holmes has "spent a lot of lonely nights without Jamie Foxx and is reading all the reports of his flirting with other women." This questionable insider contends the actress subsequently "decided two can play at that game," and got "back in touch with James."

Now "sparks are flying" between the former colleagues, contends the website, with the "source" describing Van Der Beek as "thrilled." The blog acknowledges the actor is "happily married," but its purported tipster nevertheless alleges he has "always carried a torch for Katie... and he still feels like there could be chemistry between them." It's only after implying a romance could be developing that the outlet adds that Holmes and Van Der Beek are "keeping it platonic."

The rest of the piece is filled out with claims about Holmes and Foxx having "relationship problems." Such contentions, however, are based on tabloid stories that Gossip Cop has already debunked, about the actress supposedly being upset with him for spending time with the mother of his child. The online publication also tries to make hay out of Foxx "partying hard" at the Oscars while "Holmes was nowhere in sight." Well, she was "nowhere in sight" in California that Sunday night because she was in New York preparing for a Monday appearance on "The Tonight Show."

In fact, it was with Jimmy Fallon earlier this month that Holmes spoke about reuniting "soon" with the "Dawson's Creek" cast. She also recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the show's pilot, and tagged Van Der Beek and creator Kevin Williamson in an Instagram post showcasing a throwback photo. It's the anniversary that has prompted Holmes' stroll down memory lane and her in interest in reconnecting with her co-stars, not anything to do with Foxx. But none of those key details, which provide crucial context for Holmes and Van Der Beek talking these days, are mentioned in the story.

And while Joey and Dawson's alter egos arguably always had "chemistry" as the series' romantic leads, it's worth noting it was Joshua Jackson whom Holmes dated in real life while on the show, not Van Der Beek. Of course, that isn't acknowledged in this sloppy piece, either. There's also a glaring factual error. The site asserts Van Der Beek "shares five children" with wife Kimberly. In actuality, the couple currently have four children, and, as Van Der Beek revealed last month, they are expecting their fifth.

Meanwhile, a rep for the actor tells Gossip Cop that the suggestion he and Holmes have any kind of an inappropriate friendship is "totally false." As for Holmes and Foxx's status, there hasn't actually been a "split." As Gossip Cop has repeatedly reported, and reputable outlets like People have corroborated, they don't consider themselves a couple and only see each other when their schedules allow.

But it figures RadarOnline doesn't know what it's talking about. This is the same outlet that falsely claimed Holmes and Foxx were having a wedding nearly two years ago (see below). By the way, a confidante tells Gossip Cop that, in regards to this tall tale, "Radar is going to look really stupid in a few days." We look forward to seeing what transpires.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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