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A new article claiming that Katie Holmes is "much happier" with Jamie Foxx "than she ever was" with Tom Cruise is fake news. No one close to Holmes is telling any website, especially unreliable ones like HollywoodLife, such things. We're assured the story is completely "made-up."

The website has spent the past week manufacturing one phony report after another about Holmes, and Gossip Cop has been able to shoot down virtually every single one of these fabrications. For example, in a story on Sunday about how Holmes and Foxx were able to hide their relationship, one of the outlet's phony sources noted how the actress and Cruise "still work together to co-parent their precious daughter Suri." Clearly, the blog's Holmes sources know nothing because Cruise has had virtually no contact with Suri for several years.

Still, the often discredited outlet continues on, pretending to have insiders feeding it "exclusive" information about Holmes and Foxx. For the most part, they're just publishing fiction. HollywoodLies, as it's appropriately nicknamed, also recently posted a report about how Holmes doesn't care if Cruise is "furious" over Foxx. But Cruise and Holmes moved on half a decade ago, and sources connected to both assure Gossip Cop the claim is 100 percent false.

Additionally, the untrustworthy outlet ran another piece that alleged Foxx is like a father to Suri. But, as a Foxx confidante assured us, the actor has never met Holmes' daughter. Gossip Cop is not saying Holmes and Foxx aren't close or date casually, but the floodgates have not opened and no legitimate friends of theirs are sharing stories about them being madly in love.

That said, in its latest article HollywoodLies magically has a "source" quoted as saying, "Katie and Jamie are deeply in love and committed to each other." It also meaninglessly asserts that Holmes's "relationship is so much better" with Foxx than it was with Cruise. Well, one should hope so, since she and Cruise got divorced. But an actual friend of Holmes would never say anything like that because her relationship with Cruise resulted in Suri, who's the love of her life.

HollywoodLies actually exposes right at the end of its phony article that its sources are no more connected to Holmes than anyone else and that its supposed insiders are probably fictitious. The webloid's alleged "source"says toward the bottom of the story, "Like most of the world, [Holmes] sees him as a genuinely wonderful and funny guy." Basically, the quotation offers no specific or unique information and simply mimics what "most of the world" thinks of Foxx, which is that he's a "funny guy."

HollywoodLife then ends its latest fake news story by noting it "reached out to Katie's rep for comment." Of course, if the site's insiders were so connected, what would Holmes's rep tell them that they didn't supposedly already know. Regardless, Gossip Cop did check in with a friend of Holmes, who assures us the website's report is all "made-up."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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