Katie Holmes Going Broke?

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Katie Holmes arrives for the 14th Annual Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner

By Laura Broman |

Katie Holmes arrives for the 14th Annual Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner

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Is Katie Holmes really going broke? That’s what one tabloid is claiming this week. Gossip Cop can exclusively confirm that the story is false.

In an insulting and untrue article, NW is claiming that the Dawson’s Creek star is running out of money. The actress recently sold her Los Angeles mansion for $6 million, a move that the tabloid insists is motivated by a need for cash. “She hasn’t had a hit movie since Batman Begins,” an alleged “insider” tells the tabloid. “Since then, it’s just cheesy C-grade films and failed TV shows.” Her New York penthouse, the source says, has simply become too expensive. More recently, Holmes has been “shilling” for brands such as Quaker Oats and Breyers to make ends meet.

The questionable tipster goes on to say that Holmes didn’t want to get money from Tom Cruise after leaving him and the Church of Scientology, but “you have to wonder if she’s regretting that now that she has to take public transport and wear raggedy old clothes.” The source finishes this insulting testimony by adding that the actress doesn’t want her daughter, Suri, to know about her situation. “The last thing she wants is for her daughter to be so embarrassed of her mom that she goes running back to daddy for his bank balance.”

This article is absurd. Gossip Cop reached out to a spokesperson for Holmes, who exclusively confirmed that the story is not true. Holmes likely sold her house because she doesn’t use it: she primarily lives in New York, where Suri goes to school. Her financial situation is obviously nothing like what NW imagines: she receives $400,000 per year in child support payments from Cruise, and has acted in many roles since Batman Begins, including the critically-acclaimed film Logan Lucky and miniseries The Kennedys.

So much about this article is incredibly insulting. If Holmes is wearing “raggedy old clothes” when she’s not on the red carpet, it’s probably because that’s how people tend to dress in their normal lives. If she’s taking public transport, maybe it’s because that’s one of the quickest and most energy-efficient ways to get around a city like New York. And the notion that Suri might go “running back” to her estranged father, who hasn’t had custody of her for eight years, is perhaps the most outrageous assumption of all.

For whatever reason, the tabloid world always likes to imagine that Holmes is on the verge of poverty. In 2018, the Globe made the spiteful claim that, desperate for money, Holmes was taking any film role she could. The following year, Star reported that Holmes was “living paycheck to paycheck.”  Gossip Cop busted both of these stories: they were as false as NW’s is now. 


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