Katie Holmes Fired Nanny For Letting Suri Paint Room Black?

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Katie Holmes Fired Nanny

By Shari Weiss |

Katie Holmes Fired Nanny

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Did Katie Holmes fire a nanny for letting Suri paint her room black? One of the tabloids is claiming just that. Find out the truth about the allegation here!

Wednesday’s new issue of OK! quotes an unnamed woman who claims to have been hired as a babysitter for Suri. She tells the magazine, “When I started, Katie said that she wanted me to help Suri embrace her artistic side. So when Suri told me that she’d like to do a mural on her walls, I let her.”

“I didn’t realize she’d paint the whole room black,” says the supposed sitter. And according to the outlet, Holmes responded by firing the nanny. The tabloid writes the actress “let her go, saying she couldn’t let the lapse in judgment slide.” OK! has a lot of nerve talking about lapses in judgment, though.

Just last month, the tabloid claimed Holmes was pregnant. Isn’t it odd the pregnancy isn’t mentioned in this new story, when it’s all about parenting and kids? Of course, Holmes wasn’t actually expecting, and the publication has proven it’s willing to print just about anything regardless of accuracy.

And this nanny claim isn’t any more accurate than the pregnancy allegation. A rep for Holmes confirms the supposed painting and firing incident never happened.

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Katie Holmes has fired Suri’s nanny for letting her daughter paint a room black.


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