Katie Holmes “Secretly Engaged” To Jamie Foxx – Real Or Rumor?

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Katie Holmes engaged engagement Ring March 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Katie Holmes engaged engagement Ring March 2016

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Katie Holmes is NOT “secretly engaged” to Jamie Foxx, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can correct this claim yet again.

“Newlywed bliss?” asks OK! in a story posted on its website. “Katie Holmes was all smiles out in New York City on Mar. 17 and we wonder if the diamond ring on her engagement finger has anything to do with it!” Yes, because engagement rings are the only reason people smile.

The outlet goes on to write, “Holmes sparked engagement rumors to her boyfriend Jamie Foxx back in March when she was photographed flaunting a gorgeous diamond ring on her wedding finger.” Back in March? Someone is having trouble telling time, and it’s not Gossip Cop or Holmes.

The nonsensical story continues, “People were convinced Foxx popped the big question since he was also spotted wearing a very special band on his wedding finger a day prior!” And it ends by asking readers, “Do you think Katie Holmes is secretly engaged?” Memo to OK!: You are (purportedly) a news outlet. It’s up to you to know whether Holmes is engaged, not ask readers for the answer. But Gossip Cop knows why the tabloid ran this story. It wanted to manipulate readers into clicking through its photo gallery of Holmes.

After all, the magazine has already claimed multiple times in print that Holmes and Foxx are getting married. In fact, earlier this month the tabloid said she was pregnant with a baby girl. If any of that were true, wouldn’t be wondering now if Holmes is “secretly engaged.” The contradictory and inconsistent reporting just supports what Gossip Cop has been saying all along: Holmes and Foxx are not engaged.

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Katie Holmes is secretly engaged to Jamie Foxx.


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