Katie Holmes “Dumped” By Jamie Foxx At The Altar?

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Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx

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Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx

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Was Katie Holmes “dumped” by Jamie Foxx at the altar? That’s what one of the celebrity magazines claimed a year ago today. At the time, Gossip Cop said it was untrue, and with the passage of 12 months, it’s abundantly clear the report was wrong.

On May 15, 2018, the Globe maintained Holmes was “dumped” at the altar by Foxx, leaving her “shattered,” “in shock,” and “devastated.” The supermarket tabloid asserted Holmes was certain she and the Oscar-winning actor were going to get married, but she felt “betrayed” after he got involved again with Kristin Grannis, the mother of his daughter Annalise. As a result, noted the outlet, it was “over” for the actress and Foxx, leaving Holmes in “shock.”

Now 365 days later, there’s no question that article didn’t age well at all. For starters, Foxx and Holmes were not slated to get married in a summer wedding, as alleged by the publication around that time. In fact, Foxx’s rep exclusively shared with Gossip Cop that he had no plans whatsoever to tie the knot. Nor was Holmes “dumped” by Foxx, with whom she’s still involved. Additionally, as we pointed out then, while the movie star has a good relationship with Grannis, he didn’t rekindle with his ex-girlfriend.

Basically, the entire tale was a lie a year ago, and none of what the tabloid stated has come to reality since then. On the contrary, in the intervening months, the couple has become more open about their relationship. Just a little more than a week ago, Holmes and Foxx posed together inside the Met gala. Obviously she wasn’t “dumped,” nor did she look “devastated” or any of the other synonyms the magazine used.

Astoundingly, since that false report, the tabloid has done a complete about-face. In just the first few months of 2019 alone, the very same outlet insisted Holmes and Foxx are getting married after he won over her parents. The publication even wrongly contended the two are “unofficially engaged.” That was followed by a bogus story about how Foxx was making Holmes undergo plastic surgery before getting married. But Holmes’ rep assured Gossip Cop the narrative of her getting work from top to bottom for a (nonexistent) wedding was ridiculous.

It bears mentioning the magazine has based its wholly inaccurate stories on unnamed, untraceable and possibly fictitious sources. Conversely, spokespeople for Foxx and Holmes have repeatedly gone on the record to debunk the publication’s articles, and they have been 100 percent correct every time. And, of course, Foxx didn’t leave Holmes at the altar. Not surprisingly, the Globe never issued a retraction for its phony report, nor has it explained how its articles often contradict themselves.

It appears the publication thinks it can tell lies, and simply move on. That’s why Gossip Cop looks back at articles from the year before and reminds readers which outlets they can and cannot trust for reliable information. It’s our hope that these magazines will think twice before fabricating futures stories about Holmes and Foxx, knowing how Gossip Cop will hold them accountable hours, days, months, and even a year later for manufacturing untrue tales.


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