Katie Holmes’ Daughter Suri Ran Away From Home To See Tom Cruise?

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Suri Cruise Katie Holmes Ran Away Tom

By Andrew Shuster |

Suri Cruise Katie Holmes Ran Away Tom

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One of this week’s tabloids claims Katie Holmes’ 12-year-old daughter Suri Cruise packed her bags and ran away from home to see her dad Tom Cruise. The story is ridiculously wrong. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

According to New Idea, Suri’s living situation at her mom’s New York City apartment has been “unstable,” so she’s decided to seek “comfort” from her estranged father. Cruise hasn’t been in contact with his little girl for several years, but a supposed source tells the magazine, “Suri has made a decision that she wants to spend more time with her dad. Now that she’s 12, she’s decided she wants to have more of a relationship with him and has really been pushing her mom to let her see him.”

The alleged insider further contends that Suri recently “decided enough is enough and took it upon herself to go and see him.” The suspicious tipster adds, “She just packed her bags and told her mom that she wasn’t taking no for an answer and demanded to see her dad.” The “insider” then notes that Cruise recently finished renovating a penthouse in Clearwater, Florida, which “has plenty of space for Suri to stay.”

The tabloid’s bogus story is based on a photo of Suri wheeling a suitcase outside of her New York apartment building earlier this month. The unreliable outlet doesn’t bother to mention that the young girl was accompanied by her mom, who was carrying luggage of her own. Suri didn’t pack her bags and flee home.

In reality, Holmes and Suri traveled together to Greece to visit a refugee camp. The outlet either fails to realize this or deceptively decided not to mention it. Either way, Gossip Cop can confirm that the 12-year-old didn’t run away from home to see her dad. The publication took a photo of Suri wheeling a suitcase and decided to create a phony narrative out of it.

Additionally, the tabloid never bothers to mention how Suri planned on finding her dad or where she was supposedly heading by herself. Cruise may have a home in Florida, but he’s been in California shooting Top Gun: Maverick for the past few months. Did the 12-year-old somehow discover her dad’s exact whereabouts and manage to book a flight without parental supervision? In addition to being false, the magazine’s story is illogical. More importantly, it’s provably untrue.

The gossip media has very little insight into the relationship between Cruise and his estranged daughter. Gossip Cop frequently debunks stories surrounding nonexistent reunions between the pair. Most recently, we busted a report about Cruise and Suri meeting up in Orlando. This latest article on the subject, which is filled with holes and makes very little sense, is more fiction.


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