Katie Holmes “Concerned” About Daughter Suri’s Privacy

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Katie Holmes Daughter Suri Privacy

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Katie Holmes Daughter Suri Privacy

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Katie Holmes is “concerned” about her daughter Suri Cruise’s privacy, Gossip Cop has learned. It’s not a new phenomenon, but she was particularly annoyed when paparazzi photographed her and her daughter in New York back-to-back on Monday and Tuesday, and then in a matter of hours those pictures were splashed online by a number of tabloids and blogs.

“[Holmes] knows there’s an interest, but there’s a time and place,” says our insider, who adds how having their morning alone time invaded by paparazzi has definitely “annoyed” her. Our tipster reveals the actress understands the public’s appetite for these sorts of photos, but notes how “Suri didn’t ask for it, and Katie wishes the paparazzi would at least respect her privacy.” For the record, Gossip Cop will not publish or link to unsanctioned pictures of celebrities’ children, but it’s clear from the images we saw posted by other outlets that Holmes and Suri looked, at best, unpleased by the intrusions.

“When she and Suri attend an event [and know they’ll be pictured], that’s one thing, but heading to school or going about their [personal] lives is entirely another,” says our insider. And while it seems there have recently been a spate of unauthorized images of the two, as far as Gossip Cop can tell, the last time they knew in advance they would be photographed was back in December 2017. First Holmes and Suri went on stage to introduce Taylor Swift at Z100’s iHeartRadio Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden, and then they returned to the same venue a few days later to sit courtside and watch the New York Knicks play against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

That same year, in a Vanity Fair article about Holmes, parenthood and her relationship with the tabloids, the magazine wrote, “In a clear effort for privacy, [Holmes] has been careful to keep her only child out of the public eye.” The publication also pointed out how “Suri makes rare appearances on Holmes’s social-media accounts.” And that remains true even to this day.

The most recent instance of Holmes sharing a photo of Suri on Instagram was three months ago in March when the two were doing humanitarian work, visiting Syrian refugees living in a camp in Greece. In fact, in a Marie Claire article about Holmes and Suri at the refugee camp, it’s even mentioned how “Holmes isn’t usually an #InstaMom, but the actress made and exception and shared some intimate family photos today of her and 12-year-old daughter Suri.” Hopefully, the paparazzi will be more charitable in the future when Holmes and Suri are trying to enjoy a private mother-daughter moment.


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