Katie Holmes’ Daughter Suri Begging Her To Eat?

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Katie Holmes on the cover of NW in a story about Suri begging her to eat

By Andrew Shuster |

Katie Holmes on the cover of NW in a story about Suri begging her to eat

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Katie Holmes’ 13-year-old daughter Suri Cruise is not begging her to eat, despite a false tabloid report attacking the actress’s health. Gossip Cop can debunk the story. There’s no truth to it.

According to NW, Holmes’ weight has been plummeting since her split from Jamie Foxx last year. “Katie runs out of energy after a short walk and underneath the makeup, she’s gaunt and grey,” an alleged insider tells the outlet. “Suri’s a smart kid. She has noticed the change in Katie and is doing her best to get her to eat. She bakes cookies and muffins for her mom all the time, but Katie only pretends to eat them.”

From there, the supposed source says Holmes is also in a funk over Zac Posen shutting down his fashion label in November. “She enjoyed the fact that everyone knew she was Zac’s muse even though she’s not built like a model and he opened a lot of doors for her,” the suspicious tipster says. “But Katie’s finding a lot of them have been slammed in her face since he shut up shop. It seems she’s decided that getting scary skinny is the only way to make a name for herself with another fashion label.” In reality, Holmes’ main focus is on her acting career, which is her primary vocation.

The story gets more ridiculous when the “source” says Suri might “enlist the help of her dad [Tom Cruise] – which is the absolute last thing Katie would want.” The unknown insider adds, “She worked hard to escape Tom, so him swooping in to be a hero would be totally humiliating.” In reality, Cruise has been estranged from his ex-wife and his daughter for several years. There’s no reason to believe Suri would even have the ability to contact her father.

The tabloid’s report is predicated on the false notion that the actress isn’t getting any work in the fashion industry. Less than a month ago, however, Holmes posed for a photo shoot for photographer Mark Seliger. One month prior, Holmes was featured in a shoot for Vogue Australia. Both of these shoots took place after Posen shut down his fashion line.

Meanwhile, NW has a habit of baselessly attacking the actress’s well-being. In September, Gossip Cop busted the magazine for falsely claiming Holmes was “starving herself” following her split from Foxx. That wasn’t the case a few months ago, and it’s no more accurate now. In November, the outlet came up with a different narrative – saying Holmes was pregnant and the baby belonged to either Foxx or Justin Theroux. That report was clearly absurd. As for this latest one, the actress’s own spokesperson confirms it’s more nonsense.


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