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Famous exes of famous people are now secretly dating? One tabloid is claiming Katie Holmes has secretly been dating Justin Theroux, and luckily he has Jennifer Aniston’s blessing. This whole story is turning into a bit of a saga in the tabloid press, so Gossip Cop will take another look at it.

This story comes from New Idea who back in March claimed Theroux and Holmes had been on a series of secret dates throughout New York City. Anonymous “friends of the actress” told the tabloid that Holmes and Theroux have been “visiting Katy’s [sic] favorite bookstore” and “hanging out at each other’s homes on the dates.” As usual for tabloids, the only evidence comes from one solitary source, which is troublesome.

The relationship is apparently serious enough that Aniston “has given Justin her blessing” and Justin has even met Holmes’ daughter Suri Cruise. Why Theroux would seek the blessing of his ex-wife before dating anyone is a bit strange. This whole article is a bit strange, like why would the source call her “Katy” when she’s never once been referred to by that name before? The whole tale is odd because, well, it’s made-up.

We’ll give the tabloid a grain of credit here, for their explanation for why the two are together is more plausible than most other fake Holmes and Theroux stories. Woman’s Day, a sister-magazine of this tabloid, claimed the two were dating because they live near each other in New York City. New Idea says the two met through friends, which is equally false, but at least more feasible than a "meet-cute."

This version is also at odds with an entirely different Woman’s Day story that asserted Aniston was furious over the relationship. A source said, “she doesn’t see [Theroux] with Katie at all.” When the relationship itself is made-up, the tabloids can just continue to manufacture how other parties would feel about it. Aniston can support or detest the fake pairing depending on if the tabloid happens to like Aniston that day or not, it seems. Almost comically, when Gossip Cop reached out to Katie Holmes rep for a comment on this bogus narrative, we were told,

Katie doesn't know Justin.

About a month after pushing this phony Theroux and Holmes story, the tabloid changed its story completely. In April, it said Theroux was getting close to Emma Stone, much to Aniston’s chagrin. It’s as though the tabloids have a big plinko machine to generate names and stories. Gossip Cop has proven more than once that there is no toxicity between Aniston and Theroux, as evidenced by Theroux publicly wishing Aniston a happy birthday on Instagram.

As for Suri, who likely has never met Theroux, she’s often tabloid fodder too. Star recently claimed she was moving in with her father Tom Cruise at least for the summer. A rep for Holmes denied this story, and so Gossip Cop busted it. It would be decent for the tabloids to leave at least the children of celebrities alone, but decency was never their strong suit.

Holmes is constantly the subject of dating speculation. For whatever reason, Theroux and Holmes is an especially popular pairing. Gossip Cop has busted this story time and time again. They’re just two famous people with famous exes who happen to live in the same city of millions.


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