Rumors Katie Holmes agreed to a five-year dating ban as part of her divorce from Tom Cruise are an unfounded myth. Gossip Cop can put this allegation, which has become like an urban legend, to rest once and for all.

Holmes stunned Cruise when she filed for divorce in 2012 after less than six years of marriage. But just days later, they reached a divorce settlement. Since then, the former spouses have led completely separate lives, despite sharing a child together. Cruise has had no involvement in their daughter Suri's life, and Holmes has raised the now 11-year-old on her own. Although several years have passed since their split, neither Holmes or Cruise have embarked on new relationships publicly. The tabloids, of course, have tried to link them both to a number of people, but Gossip Cop has rightly busted these supposed romances.

In Holmes' case, conspiracy theorists have claimed that the reason she has not openly moved on to a new partner is due to a supposed clause in her divorce agreement. These rumors allege that to get Cruise to quickly finalize the proceedings, he and the actress negotiated a deal in which she was barred from publicly having a boyfriend for five years. These contentions, however, are pure fiction. There has never been any contract controlling Holmes' love life. In fact, more than a year ago, Gossip Cop debunked a National Enquirer story that wrongly asserted Holmes and Cruise's divorce settlement forbid her from dating until 2017.

When the fifth anniversary of their divorce occurred this past July, marking the supposed expiration of this alleged dating stipulation, Holmes didn't suddenly introduce a boyfriend to the world. She was uncommitted and remains uncommitted now. But after the "Dawson's Creek" star was recently photographed holding hands with Jamie Foxx, these claims about a dating ban resurfaced. For eample, in a made-up story about Foxx reaching out to Cruise for "forgiveness," the National Enquirer's sister publication, RadarOnline, alleged he and Holmes only stepped out together because the five-year contract had finally lapsed.

HollywoodLife seized on that false nugget of information and used a 2016 RadarOnline story filled with similar contentions to blare in a headline, "Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes' Romance Hidden For Years: Was It Because Of Tom Cruise?" The webloid maintained Foxx and Holmes' beach stroll showed they're "real deal," and wrote, "So... why the wait? Apparently, it all had to do with a clause in Katie's 2012 divorce settlement with Tom Cruise!" Again: There was never any such clause. But this is an unsubstantiated theory outlets and social media gossipers have come to time and again, including generally reliable places like The Daily Beast, to explain why Foxx and Holmes haven't ever confirmed they're dating.

Gossip Cop, however, knows the real reason, and it has nothing to do with Cruise and their divorce agreement. As we have always been assured, there is no serious, full-on romance between Holmes and Foxx. Though the gossip media has been quick to spin the photos of the pair as some kind of public "coming out," the truth is that paparazzi surreptitiously took those pictures from a significant distance away. Holmes did not go to the beach that day intending to be photographed. It was not some kind of visual statement about her relationship status and or a sign that she's free now to flaunt a romance. In fact, Gossip Cop is still told that she and Foxx simply hang out on occasion, and that's all there is to it. Their appearance together was not meant to signify a boyfriend-girlfriend dynamic, and has nothing to do with the end of a non-existent dating restriction mandated by Cruise.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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