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It seems Katie Holmes has found a new boyfriend. But a rumor is going around that the First Daughter actress may not be able to enjoy her budding romance. According to a tabloid, Holmes’ new beau’s former partner is coming for her. Gossip Cop looked into the story. Here’s what is happening.

Katie Holmes Is Gearing Up For A Catfight?

“Catfight For Katie!” declares the National Enquirer in a new report. The paper states while “love-hungry” Holmes is settling down with her boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo Jr., she’s also gearing up for a “battle” with the chef's ex-fiancee, Rachel Emmons. Reports of Holmes and Vitolo Jr.’s romance started not too long after the two were spotted out in New York displaying a lot of PDA. Now, the Enquirer divulges Holmes will have to face Vitolo Jr.’s “jilted” ex.

Emilio's Scorned Ex Is Seeking Revenge?

“Rachel was blindsided by Emilio,” says an insider. The tabloid’s source continues that Emmons is now “demanding answers” from Holmes and Vitolo Jr. Other sources affirm Holmes knew Emmons and Vitolo Jr. were engaged but still began a “steamy fling” with the well-known chef. The tabloid further states that Emmons was dumped by the restaurateur via text messages after pictures of him and Holmes surfaced.

But Katie's Not Back Down

That paper suggests that from Emmons's perspective, Katie Holmes stole her man. But, the Enquirer notes that the Batman Begins star is not making “any apologies.” This led the magazine’s insider to issue a warning that Holmes better be prepared for some “backlash” from Emmons and her friends, adding,” Rachel is not finished with Emilio or Katie by a long shot.”

Here's The Truth About Katie Holmes' Romance

Let’s backtrack a bit. It was reported by the Daily Mail that Emilio Vitiolo Jr. reportedly broke up Rachel with Emmons via text. However, the same outlet also reported that Emmons was recently spotted with a friend in Northern California where she appeared to look “carefree.” Emmons also shared a fresh picture of herself on Instagram in what appears to be an antique shop. From these two photos, it doesn’t look like Emmons is gearing up for a “catfight” with Katie Holmes. Additionally, a rep for the actress denied the “girl fight” story concocted by the tabloid. Gossip Cop can’t say for sure that Emmons isn’t upset over Holmes's romance with her former fiance, but we can correct the idea that the two ladies will be battling over him.

Another Week, Another Story About Katie Holmes

The Enquirer is known for stirring up drama in regards to Holmes. Last July, we busted the supermarket tabloid purported Holmes dumped Jamie Foxx because he wouldn’t have a baby with her. Though the couple was notoriously private about their relationship, Gossip Cop corrected the idea that a baby is what broke the two up. It later turned out that the couple had broken up months before this story was ever published, further cementing the idea that the tabloid has no insight into Holmes' love life.

In November of last year, we debunked another silly report from the paper that claimed Holmes was “trash-talking” Foxx. The magazine contended the actress used any opportunity to speak negatively about her former boyfriend. But, since the pair split, Holmes hasn’t said anything about her romance with Foxx. Gossip Cop dismissed the story when it came out.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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