Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Baby Plans “Revealed” Is Made-Up Story

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Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Baby Plans

By Shari Weiss |

Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx Baby Plans

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A certain webloid is claiming it can reveal Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s baby plans, but the story is made up. In fact, it seems like the inauthentic site is reading Gossip Cop rather than cultivating legitimate sources of its own. We can expose this latest fabrication.

As Gossip Cop has already noted, HollywoodLife has been running manufactured stories about Holmes and Foxx ever since they were photographed together by paparazzi earlier this month. While they occasionally see each other, they are by no means a serious couple. But the site has been misleading readers into thinking this is a full-blown romance. And last week, HollywoodLies even lazily picked up a false OK! story about Holmes supposedly being pregnant and having a baby with Foxx (see screengrab below). As we exclusively confirmed just hours after that untrue piece came out, the actress is not expecting and Foxx has no intentions of having another child.

So, what is HollywoodLies now doing? The outlet is blaring on Monday, “Are Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx Planning On A Baby After Romance Goes Public? Plans Revealed.” The blog claims it “found out exclusively if they’re ready to start a family,” but it seems “found out” means looking at Gossip Cop’s busts. The online publication is now reporting what we already said nearly a week ago: Holmes is not pregnant and Foxx doesn’t plan on having another kid. But instead of providing the accurate information from the start, the webloid first spread falsehoods without bothering to fact-check them, and is now pretending to magically have a “source close to Jamie.” But if Hollywoodlies really had such a connection, why didn’t it know to begin with what was or wasn’t going on?

The truth is that the site is making it up as it goes along. This supposed snitch is quoted as saying, “Jamie doesn’t even know if he wants to get married to Katie, let alone have a child with her. She currently isn’t pregnant, but don’t take that as a bad thing, because they both love the children that they have.” Gossip Cop readers already knew this, and we can also confirm that no one close to Foxx personally shared this information with HollywoodLies. And while the outlet now babbles on about how he and Holmes also not planning to wed, it fails to mention that it has wrongly claimed multiple times over the years that they’re getting married or already have. That’s in addition to several false pregnancy reports. In contrast, Gossip Cop has always correctly reported that Foxx and Holmes are not an exclusive couple. While the publication keeps getting pointers from us, you can see its latest flub right in black and white below.



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