Katie Holmes Baby Bump “Alert” Is False, Not Pregnant With Jamie Foxx’s Child

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Katie Holmes Baby Bump Jamie Foxx

By Michael Lewittes |

Katie Holmes Baby Bump Jamie Foxx

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Katie Holmes does not have a baby bump, despite a false “alert” from one of this week’s tabloids, because she is not pregnant with Jamie Foxx’s child. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this made-up report. We’re told it’s “not true.”

On the cover of the new Life & Style, the magazine features a photo of Foxx standing next to Holmes, along with a yellow arrow to her belly and a caption that reads, “Jamie & Katie: Bump Alert!” But nothing on the tabloid’s front page about the two is remotely accurate. For starters, the picture featured has been photoshopped to place Foxx and Holmes next to each other. They never posed side-by-side for that image. The mashed-up pictures are of the two celebrities at different events at different times (see below).

Additionally, because of the way the black dress falls on Holmes’ midsection, it appears she has a bump, particularly from the angle the picture was taken, but she is 100 percent not pregnant with Foxx or anyone else’s baby. Inside the magazine, the article also has an arrow pointing to Holmes’ belly, but doesn’t have anything to substantiate its claim that she’s pregnant. In fact, the story simply notes they both attended an event on December 4 in New York for the eyeglass company Prive Revaux, with a so-called “witness” only offering, “They avoided being seen together and left separately.”

Basically Life & Style has nothing, other than speculation based on a photo. Nowhere in its article is there any hint that the magazine tried to fact-check its story. In fact, the online version of the story just theorizes, “It would make sense that Katie is pregnant because recent reports suggested that she was tired of all the sneaking around.” How does that make sense? And those “recent reports” were all wrong. Still, Gossip Cop reached out to Holmes’ rep, and we’re exclusively told the tabloid’s baby bump claim is “not true.” End of story.

Curiously, the publication doesn’t mention anything in its current article about Holmes and Foxx planning a wedding and them supposedly already being engaged, even though that was the premise of a story it ran three months ago. Of course, the reason that’s not noted is because the truth is Foxx and Holmes’ relationship is casual, at best, and they’re most assuredly not getting married. Here’s a more accurate “alert”: The magazine’s articles about Holmes and Foxx are not often reliable.

(Photoshopped By Life And Style)

(Photoshopped By Life And Style)