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Nine months ago, it was reported Katie Holmes was pregnant with Jamie Foxx's baby. So, where's that kid? Gossip Cop noted a particular tabloid's claim was untrue back then, and of course time has proven it was a lie.

In May 2018, Woman's Day insisted Holmes was expecting a baby with Foxx, and had been openly sharing with friends that she was pregnant. To pretend its story was legitimate, the magazine maintained it had a "source" in the know who furnished details about the actress's pregnancy. Among the claims made by the ill-informed or possibly fabricated "source" was that, at certain points, Holmes was on "bed rest."

To further make it seem like others should've known Foxx and Holmes were expecting, the outlet's supposed tipster mentioned that for some time she had been hiding her baby bump in "baggy clothes" and "stopped drinking alcohol." The same made-up insider also shared with the publication how Foxx accompanied Holmes to "every single doctor's appointment" and that her family and close friends were "over the moon" for her.

Now that nine months have passed, and it's clear Holmes was never pregnant with Foxx's baby, it's important for visitors to re-examine that article again in order to learn what they should be looking for when reading tabloid stories. For instance, the paparazzi photographed Holmes a lot around that time, and she didn't appear pregnant. Similarly, it stands to reason if the Oscar-winner was going to doctor's appointment with Holmes, there would be pictures of them.

More significantly, one generally should be skeptical of quotations from unnamed sources. Conversely, when we fact-checked the claim, a rep for Holmes went on the record to assure us the story was 100 percent untrue. When Gossip Cop investigates reports, we generally contact many different sources, but the reason we include comments from spokespeople is that they've been charged with taking responsibility and responding on behalf of stars, who can't personally debunk every untrue tabloid tale.

Additionally, readers need to factor in the reliability of the outlet. Woman's Day has repeatedly published falsehoods about Foxx and Holmes. Since that untrue pregnancy report, the magazine alleged Holmes was ready to break up with Foxx after he dined out with another woman. It also asserted Suri Cruise begged Holmes to dump Foxx.

Far from splitting, over the past few months the couple appears to have grown even closer, with Foxx flying from California to the East Coast to publicly celebrate Holmes' 40th birthday at a New York restaurant. As widely covered, days later the two were spotted enjoying each other's company on a yacht in Miami.

Lastly, just two months, Gossip Cop busted the very same magazine when it wrongly contended Holmes and Foxx were adopting a baby girl from New Orleans. In all the aforementioned articles, not once did the tabloid mention the actress was pregnant. That's because it was a lie from the start.

Gossip Cop occasionally revisits articles to help readers assess the trustworthiness and track records of various outlets. As stated above, it's also crucial to view where the information is coming from. While the publication alleged Holmes was having Foxx's baby, based on an anonymous source, her rep made a point of shooting down the claim, and it's obvious nine months later the actress was not pregnant.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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