Katie Couric NOT “Out For” Hoda Kotb’s Job On “Today” Show, Despite Claim

Katie Couric Replacing Hoda Kotb

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Katie Couric Replacing Hoda Kotb

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Katie Couric not “out for” Hoda Kotb’s job on the “Today” show, despite a claim. Gossip Cop can bust this story, which we’re exclusively told by a rep is not true. Although Couric is currently leading NBC’s nightly coverage of the Olympics, she is not trying to replace Kotb on the morning show.

But it’s precisely because Couric is co-hosting the Olympics broadcasts that the National Enquirer manufactured this false report. The supermarket tabloids alleges the she’s now “determined to replace” Kotb and “regain her former morning show glory.” The gossip magazine notes that the announcement Couric would be spearheading the network’s Olympics coverage came not only in the wake of Matt Lauer’s “Today” show firing, but around the same time producer Don Nash stepped down. The timing of her “new Olympic gig is not a coincidence,” a so-called “entertainment insider” is quoted as saying.

“She’s eyeing a return” to the “Today” show, claims the outlet, “and the Olympics job gets her foot in the door.” Another purported insider contends Couric has a “clear shot at replacing Hoda and regaining her place as top dog.” It’s never explained, though, why Kotb would be replaced at all. Kotb was only named co-anchor, alongside Savannah Guthrie, in early January. Reviews have been kind and ratings have been respectable.

And it’s not like Couric is covering the Olympics all on her own. Kotb, Guthrie and Al Roker are all at the Olympics in PyeongChang, too, to contribute to NBC’s coverage, just like they went to Rio two years ago. Couric’s position as a co-anchor of the primetime coverage, joined by Mike Tirico, in no way means she’s on her way to resuming her former position at “Today.” In fact, a rep for the veteran journalist exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the claims she’s looking to replace Kotb are “not even remotely true.”

Interestingly, this untrue narrative comes just a few weeks after Gossip Cop revisited a different rumor about Couric making a full-time return to the “Today” show. In January 2017, RadarOnline, which is the National Enquirer’s sister outlet, wrongly alleged she was gunning to replace Guthrie and re-team with Lauer. We correctly debunked the erroneous allegation when it first came out, and after a year went by, we took a look back to show how time had proven us right. Suffice it to say, don’t expect to see Couric regularly sitting at the anchor desk in another year, either.