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Is Kathy Griffin really being forced to sell her home after struggling to find work due to her "toxic" behavior? One outlet certainly seems to think so. Gossip Cop looked into the claims.

Kathy Griffin Burned All Her Bridges?

"Kathy Griffin Cuts Cord On $16M Mansion," declared the National Enquirer. Calling her a "caustic comic," the magazine said that Griffin is desperate to sell her home after seeing "her popularity plummet in recent years."

"Kathy has burned a lot of bridges!" an unnamed source claimed. "Concerts and TV appearances have dried up because of her many industry conflicts." As a result, she's essentially being forced to move out of her old place and get it sold as quickly as possible.

"She didn't want to sell it, but the cost and the size have become too much for her to handle!" the anonymous snitch argued. The article then goes over some of Griffin's Hollywood feuds, including her very public disagreements with TV icons Ellen DeGeneres and Anderson Cooper. Cooper in particular was so appalled by Griffin's infamous photo of her holding a bloody Donald Trump mask, the two reportedly haven't spoken in years.

It also mentioned a complaint she made against a neighbor after they allegedly called her a homophobic slur, but it doesn't explain why that's a reflection of Griffin's stature in celebrity circles. "She's toxic in town," another unnamed source proclaimed. "It's no wonder she's moving!"

Kathy Griffin Is An Easy Target

This story seems awfully suspicious, as it conflates real events with total speculation. For one, a celebrity selling their home is not really a big deal. Griffin is indeed selling her expansive mansion for just around $16 million, but it’s not because she’s desperate to salvage her finances or whatever the narrative is here. Celebrities move in and out of multimillion dollar homes constantly for personal and professional reasons, but it’s consistently twisted by the tabloids to be something more.

For example, Jennifer Aniston supposedly could only be selling her home because she was haunted by memories of her ex, Justin Theroux. Ben Affleck selling his home in 2018 apparently translated to him being desperate for cash to pay off his divorce. Even Ellen DeGeneres’ real estate choices have been scrutinized as a sign of looming financial straits. Absolutely none of those narratives have turned out to be true.

For two, the outlet's depiction of Griffin as some sort of panicked pariah doesn’t ring true. Even if her Trump photo offended some celebrities, it's incredibly low on Hollywood's scale of what'll get you kicked out of show business — people are capable of disagreeing on a joke and still being professional. While it is true that she’s scrapped with Cooper and DeGeneres, she’s not banned from Hollywood or totally friendless. Griffin’s doing just fine, and she even recently got a ton of nice birthday messages from various names in media and entertainment.

She's also been enjoying a resurgence of support after Trump lost the presidential election.

And for what it's worth, it doesn't seem like her career is over. She's been getting steady work for decades, and that doesn't seem to have changed. She was even one of New York Magazine's panelists during an election livestream, and she's been filming new bits for the Crank Yankers revival.

Why You Shouldn't Trust The Enquirer

There are a lot of reasons to be on alert when the Enquirer, of all publications, takes aim at a celebrity, but we'll stick to what we know best: debunking rumors. Gossip Cop has had to investigate a lot of stories from the famous tabloid, and there's been a lot of fake stories about celebrities leaving or losing their fame and fortune. The outlet previously reported that Pierce Brosnan was done with Hollywood and walking away from it all. He isn't. After that, it said the entire infrastructure of Tinseltown was falling apart as celebrities fled left and right due to COVID-19. Surprise surprise, it wasn't, just like how Kathy Griffin isn't being exiled from show business.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.


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