Kathy Griffin Complains About Being Under Federal Investigation For Donald Trump Beheading Photo

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Kathy Griffin Federal Investigation

By Shari Weiss |

Kathy Griffin Federal Investigation

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Kathy Griffin is under federal investigation for the controversial photo of herself with a bloody head meant to look like Donald Trump. And she seems none too happy about it.

On Twitter on Tuesday, Griffin wrote, “Q the botz & death threats, (I don’t give a f anymore [middle finger emoji]) but @tmz & @HarveyLevinTMZ may u never b under fed investigation like I am now.” She then deleted it and sent a similar message, saying, “Hey, (I don’t give a F anymore) [middle finger emoji] but @TMZ & Harvey Levin may u NEVER b under fed investigation like I am now.”

The tweets were in response to an article from ThinkProgress about TMZ’s allegedly close ties to Trump. The story claims the site’s founder and top editor, Harvey Levin, is pushing a pro-Trump narrative across all of the outlet’s platforms, including its “TMZ Live” television show, and killing stories that make the president look badly. It was TMZ that first published Griffin’s beheading picture last month, breaking the news of the gruesome decapitation photo shoot on its website.

As Gossip Cop reported at the time, Griffin was immediately hit with a strong backlash, leading to an apology video shared hours later. After initially defending the picture as just her “merely mocking the Mocker in Chief,” she said in the footage that she went “too far.” The next morning, Trump tweeted that Griffin should be “ashamed,” and claimed his 11-year-old son Barron was “having a hard time with this.”

CNN later cut ties with the comedienne, who had co-hosted their annual New Year’s Eve coverage for years, and a number of Griffin’s comedy tour shows were canceled. She then stayed off social media for more than two weeks, returning on June 18 to share a picture of her dad in honor of Father’s Day. She only posted on Twitter twice after that before these new missives.

The Secret Service previously indicated that it was looking into the situation after Griffin’s picture first circulated. This now, however, is the first confirmation of a federal investigation. Griffin is pictured above at a press conference about the scandal. See the screengrab of the tweet about TMZ and the investigation below.

Kathy Griffin TMZ Tweet

(Kathy Griffin/Twitter)

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