Kathie Lee Returns To “Today,” Cries Over Frank Gifford’s Death — WATCH VIDEO

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Kathie Lee Gifford Returns Today Show Video

By Shari Weiss |

Kathie Lee Gifford Returns Today Show Video


Kathie Lee Gifford returned to “Today” on Monday, just over a week after the death of her husband Frank Gifford. See video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Frank died last Sunday, August 9, just days shy of his 85th birthday. Kathie Lee understandably took last week off to privately mourn and grieve with her family. And then this past Sunday was another bittersweet day, as Kathie Lee marked her 62nd birthday, a date she actually shares with Frank.

When the fourth hour of the “Today” show kicked off on Monday, Kathie Lee began with a normal introduction before she thanked Hoda Kotb for holding down the fort without her. Then, after noting how colleague Jenna Bush Hager just welcomed a daughter, Kathie Lee said, “The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.” She then announced, “I wanna thank everybody for your love and your texts and your tweets and just the outpouring has been extraordinary. It’s a heck of a way to find out how loved you are. Believe me, my family and I got strength and comfort for it.”

Kathie Lee said her husband “would’ve loved” all the tributes to him, and that they “laughed up until the very end.” “I just want everyone to know this was a man at complete peace in his life. He might’ve been the happiest, most content man at this point in his life,” she said, adding, “Honestly, he’s the most grateful human being I’ve ever, ever known. And that colored everything he did.”

The host went on to share some personal stories about Frank, and his devotion to his faith. “He died in complete peace. He knew every sin he ever committed had been forgiven. He had hope that he’d be with the Lord and we would be with him as well,” she said. Kathie Lee encouraged viewers, “Those of you, who are hurting today and feel hopeless, it may be the answer for you. And I know it’s the answer for you.”

Kathie Lee teared up on and off throughout the segment, but there were smiles and laughter, too. She actually cried the most at a little girl singing “Little Light Of Mine” for her, leading her to quip, “I held it together for a week, and this little Heavenly Joy girl!” See the videos below. NOTE: The videos are no longer available.


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