Katharine McPhee NOT “Jane Doe” In Nude Photo Lawsuit, Despite Report

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Katharine McPhee did not file a lawsuit as “Jane Doe” to fight back at websites that published nude photos of her, despite an inaccurate report by a celebrity magazine. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim. We’re told she is “not the plaintiff.”

On Wednesday, People claimed McPhee “filed suit in Los Angeles County Tuesday in response to intimate photos of her being published on pornographic websites after her phone got hacked.” The online arm of the publication claimed the singer and actress was seeking “unspecified damages and injunctive relief in the [court] documents in which she’s referred to as ‘Jane Doe.'” The outlet further quoted the lawsuit, noting McPhee alleged that she experienced “horror, shock, shame, mortification, hurt feelings, depression and feelings of powerlessness” after the naked pictures were posted online.

“McPhee claims in the papers that she ‘had a reasonable expectation of privacy in the photographs on her telephone and iCloud,'” reported People. The magazine added that the defendants, who posted the explicit images, were named in McPhee’s alleged suit as “Roe Corp.” However, while McPhee’s nude photos were hacked and leaked online, as Gossip Cop previously reported, she is 100 percent not “Jane Doe” in the lawsuit, nor has she taken any legal action yet against those who invaded her privacy.

In an exclusive statement to Gossip Cop, McPhee’s rep says, “While Kat is considering all of her legal options and remedies against those responsible for or contributing to the unlawful publication of the stolen images, contrary to what has been inaccurately reported, she is not the plaintiff nor in any way associated with the ‘Jane Doe v. Roe Corp’ lawsuit filed in LA Superior Court.” People has since removed its erroneous article; however, not before Gossip Cop took a screenshot of it (below).

This past week, a number of celebrities had their private naked pictures hacked and leaked online, including Kristen Stewart, Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn, Dakota Johnson, and Miley Cyrus. So far, McPhee, Vonn, and Woods have successfully had their personal pictures removed from a number of websites. Gossip Cop, of course, is not only disgusted by the latest horrific invasion of privacy, but we have also been working with a few celebrities’ reps to help get the photos taken down.

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