Kate Winslet NOT Pregnant, Despite ‘Today’ Show Speculation (EXCLUSIVE)

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Kate Winslet Pregnant Oscars

By Michael Lewittes |

Kate Winslet is not pregnant, despite a rumor spread by the “Today” show. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct its report. We’re told the actress is not expecting.

“Is Kate Winslet pregnant?” begins a piece on, which tries to shift its irresponsible speculation on to the Internet. The respected morning show’s site says Winslet possibly being pregnant is now a “theory after seeing this Oscars photo,” which shows fellow Oscar nominees Cate Blanchett and Brie Larson speaking with Winslet at the awards ceremony. The show’s blog further asks of the photo, “Adorable Oscar night celebration or impromptu pregnancy announcement?” while noting that Blanchett “had an ecstatically surprised reaction on her face while touching Winslet’s stomach.”

“Blanchett’s reaction had some wondering if Winslet, who is a mother of three children ranging in age from 2 to 15, is ready to welcome her fourth child,” adds the “Today” show’s website. The program’s blog then distances itself from the rumor it is spreading by writing, “As for the pregnancy theory, maybe they’re just an awesome trio of star power who we want to hang out with, and we’re blowing this up into something it’s not.” Still, the site writes the Jewish congratulatory word “mazel!” at the end of its piece.

Nowhere in the article that reached millions of people did the “Today” show mention that it tried to contact reps for Winslet or sources who are close to the actress. Instead, it embedded a few tweets from non-journalists, including one from a person named @KizzyFentAFAA, who wrote, “Did Kate Winslet just tell Cate Blanchett and Brie Larson that she’s pregnant or am I just looking into it too much?” Naturally, that spawned more inaccurate stories from unreliable webloids, including HollywoodLife, which squealed, “This is a major Oscars hidden moment that has us all screaming with delight!”

But none of it is true. And none of it is journalism. It’s all speculation based on what acknowledges are “conspiracy Internet theorists.” Since when do places like NBC take conspiracies from the Internet and publish them as possible news stories? This is particularly disheartening hours after Spotlight won Best Picture at the Academy Awards for its portrayal of journalism at its best.

Regardless, Gossip Cop is the most accurate entertainment reporting site because we actually care and investigate every celebrity story, no matter how big or small. Winslet is not pregnant. When asked pointblank if the actress is expecting, a source close to her exclusively assures Gossip Cop, “No way.”


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