Kate Winslet Demanding Ned Rocknroll Grow Up?

Kate Winslet Net Rocknroll Grow Up

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Kate Winslet Net Rocknroll Grow Up

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Is Kate Winslet demanding Ned Rocknroll grow up? That’s the latest rumor from the tabloids about the Oscar winner and her husband. Gossip Cop looked into the claim.

Under the headline “Kate’s Hubby Rude & Crude,” OK! contends that while Winslet “may be one of the most elegant women in Hollywood,” a “friend” of actress claims Rocknroll is the “polar opposite.” This supposed pal is quoted as saying, “Ned is an overgrown child in the most obnoxious ways. He’ll walk around their house in his underwear when she has people over and ask them what they think of his body. He thinks it’s funny, but it’s totally weird, not to mention embarrassing for Kate.”

In addition, asserts the gossip magazine, “The businessman has plenty of other habits that rub his spouse the wrong way too.” For instance, the purported tipster alleges, “He never cleans up after himself. Kate keeps telling him to grow up, but he just ignores her.” But you know what would be really embarrassing for Winslet? If an actual “friend” really did spill such claims to a tabloid. What kind of pal would actually do that?

And you know what’s really obnoxious? An outlet that keeps publishing untrue stories about the couple’s marriage. A year ago, this publication claimed Winslet’s marriage was in trouble because while Rocknroll is “fun,” he “doesn’t challenge [her] intellectually.” Then in March, OK! ran another article about Winslet and Rocknroll having marriage problems due to their supposedly long-distance relationship. In actuality, he had just accompanied the movie star to Canada, where she filmed The Mountain Between Us.

So maybe, dare we say it, the problems and the trouble are with the tabloid and not Winslet and her husband? After all, the magazine keeps trying to tear the couple apart and they keep staying together. In any case, Gossip Cop is assured that no real friend of Winslet’s passed on her feelings about Rocknroll, good or bad, to this facts-challenged outlet.