Kate Upton “Plastic Surgery” Story Strikes Out Before World Series

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Kate Upton Plastic Surgery World Series

By Michael Lewittes |

Kate Upton Plastic Surgery World Series

(Life And Style/Getty Images)

A new story about Kate Upton sparking “plastic surgery” rumors during the World Series completely strikes out. Gossip Cop can call out this claim, which seems to have been manufactured to capitalize on the attention the model has been receiving while cheering on her fiance, Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander.

According to Life & Style, Upton has been the subject of “plastic surgery rumors” while receiving “ample screen time” during the World Series. In its article, the tabloid questions whether “the blonde beauty [has] gone under the knife”? It even has a cosmetic surgeon quoted as saying, “If she had anything done it was in the chin area… Kate may have had fillers in the chin and jaw or she may have had a chin implant.” In the end, though, the magazine’s expert concedes that if Upton looks any different it could also be that she “lost a little weight.”

So basically, the publication acknowledges that chances are Upton did not have any plastic surgery at all. Allow Gossip Cop to explain what’s really going and to point out the tabloid’s errors. As the outlet noted, Upton has been receiving “ample screen time” during the baseball championship, and in an effort to grab some of the interest in her and the World Series, the magazine seemingly cooked up this tale.

Tellingly, the outlet does not mention where one can find these “plastic surgery rumors.” And the reason that’s omitted is because no one is currently questioning whether Upton has had any cosmetic work. Gossip Cop checked search engines and social media, and if you do the same, you’ll also see there are no other stories or tweets about it. Actually, the tabloid appears to be the one who started the “rumors,” hoping its article would be a traffic home run. But the magazine struck out.

Concocting stories about the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model has become commonplace since the Astros began the championship against the Los Angeles. Just a few days ago, Gossip Cop busted an entirely fabricated report about how during the World Series Upton models lingerie to inspire Verlander. Much like that made-up tale, we’re calling foul on Life & Style’s article about Upton supposedly getting plastic surgery.