Kate Middleton NOT Helping Pippa “Ban” Meghan Markle From Wedding, Despite Report

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Kate Pippa Middleton Ban Meghan Markle

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Kate Pippa Middleton Ban Meghan Markle

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There’s no evidence Kate Middleton is helping Pippa Middleton “ban” Meghan Markle from her wedding, despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

The crazy claim comes from Celeb Dirty Laundry, a site that seems to make up absurd stories about the royals and their extended family on a regular basis. This latest piece begins, “Is Kate Middleton trying to help her sister Pippa Middleton in banning Meghan Markle from her wedding day? That’s what a lot of critics can’t help but wonder as the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted leaving her sister’s apartment in London this week.”

Yes, because the only reason Kate was spending time with her soon-to-be wed sibling was to figure out how to stop Markle from coming to the nuptials. Please. But the webloid contends “Pippa is purposely trying to keep Meghan away as she doesn’t want Prince Harry’s girlfriend stealing her thunder on her wedding day.” After noting how Pippa herself was seen as “stealing [the] spotlight” when Kate wed, it’s asserted, “Pippa doesn’t want Meghan to be the breakout star on her own wedding day.”

And if Prince Harry attends the wedding without his actress girlfriend, the outlet claims that “will just prove to critics that yes, the Middleton sisters are worried about Meghan Markle and her undeniable star power and presence.” Yes, because the only reason Harry would attend the affair solo is because his sister-in-law prevented him from bringing Markle. Please.

There are a multitude of reasons why Markle may not be at the event that have nothing to do with being banned and stealing Pippa’s thunder. But CDL is throwing this theory out there as part of another one. The blog has repeatedly (and wrongly) insisted Kate is afraid Meghan will steal her own spotlight upon one day marrying Prince Harry. So that narrative is why the webloid is now claiming Kate has an “interest in keeping [Markle] away from [her sister’s] wedding.

“Do you think Kate Middleton is plotting to ban Meghan Markle from Pippa Middleton’s upcoming wedding? Will Prince Harry have anything to say about this?” asks the site. But these theories are nothing more than conspiracies. There is no actual evidence to back up any of the assertions, and this might as well be labeled “fan-fiction.” It’s just what CDL thinks may be happening, despite having no proof.

Disreputable tabloids like the National Enquirer and Life & Style have tried peddling similar speculation in recent months also without any proof. And that’s why this tale gets a big, fat zero on the Gossip Cop rumor meter.