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A cover story this week's claims to have the scoop about Kate Middleton warning Prince Harry of Meghan Markle’s lies. This piques Gossip Cop’s curiosity, as the two are an ocean and a continent apart. We investigated, and here’s what we found.

The cover of New Idea with a photo of Kate Middleton and Prince Harry and the headline "Meghan's Lying To You"
(New Idea)

Secret Diary Reveals All

The actual article this cover story promises is a little bit different than the cover would imply. New Idea claims Middleton is “still devastated over” Prince Harry and Markle leaving for America. It says Middleton “is now set to share her most private thoughts with her brother-in-law in hopes it will make him see sense.” Those private thoughts come in the form of Middleton’s private journal which she has kept since she joined the royal family.

The journal “is her form of therapy,’ and helps Middleton to “walk away from conflict, instead of arguing with Meghan or venting publicly.” In this private journal, “nothing’s off-limits.” She’s written about her “broken relationship with Meghan,” and how she feels villainized. The article concludes by saying “it would be a nightmare if this were to be lost or fall into the wrong hands.”

The Photo Is Not Of A Diary

Gossip Cop doesn’t know if Middleton has a diary filled with state secrets, but we do know the photograph of the journal provided is bogus. Next to the words “diary proof” is a photo of Middleton looking at a book. That is actually a photograph from when Middleton and Prince William signed a book of condolences for victims of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting. This so-called diary is a tribute to mass shooting victims, so using it as “proof” is not just misleading but also in extremely poor taste.

Classic Bait-And-Switch

New Idea is known for its bait-and-switch stories. With its headline “Meghan’s lying to you!” beside a photo of Middleton talking to Prince Harry, this tabloid wants you to believe some big dramatic confrontation has happened. The article itself is a pretty tame story about Middleton keeping a diary, so the article does not deliver on its promised cover. This very issue featured another bait-and-switch about Bindi Irwin having quadruplets when the story said she was just having one baby.

How Would It Know This?

Let’s pretend like Middleton has a secret journal, even though no evidence is provided that she does. We’ve seen tabloids report about other royal journals in the past, and we had the same gripe. If Middleton has a journal, how would New Idea even know what’s inside? By definition that would break the secrecy of the journal.

Other Nonsense From This Tabloid

Suffice to say, New Idea has no insight into Kate Middleton’s personal life. It once promised an “exclusive interview” with the Duchess of Cambridge, but it only had an interview about her. It said Middleton and Markle were butting heads because Middleton legally controlled who baby Archie could marry. It also said Middleton was pregnant with big plans to announce the baby at her father-in-law’s vow renewal. None of these stories were anywhere close to accurate, as Gossip Cop could debunk all of them.

This story is a bait and switch without any proof to back its claim that Middleton has a devastating private diary. It doesn’t even explain when or if she would share it with Prince Harry. The story is all over the place, and so Gossip Cop can comfortably say it’s bogus.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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