Is Kate Middleton really vowing to protect Meghan Markle? A tabloid has concocted a new narrative in the wake of the actress' engagement to Prince Harry. Gossip Cop can separate fact from fiction.

Both in print and online, New Idea is running a story about how "the brave duchess vows to protect her future sister-in-law." The web version is even dramatically headlined, "Kate fights back: 'Leave Meghan alone.'" It's alleged Middleton made that pointed demand to her mother-in-law, Camilla Parker Bowles, after the Duchess of Cornwall supposedly bad-mouthed the family's new addition. Contends the Australian gossip magazine, "The barrage of mean jibes has prompted the Duchess of Cambridge to leap to her future sister-in-law's defense, vowing to protect Meghan from negative forces both inside and outside palace walls."

A so-called "palace source" is quoted as saying, "Kate learnt very early on that you have to have thick skin to handle Camilla and all the critics that come out of the woodwork to have a swipe at you." The outlet specifically alleges Camilla objected to Prince Harry and Markle's wedding venue, supposedly believing St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle is too prestigious for the previously married American. A purported "palace insider" claims that in response to her rude judgment, "It was Kate who really stood up to Camilla and told her to leave Meghan alone."

That, of course, is where the headline's quote comes from, but it is illegitimate. No real "palace source" or "palace insider" would leak details to the media about in-fighting among the royals. And if someone really was breaking protocol by talking publicly about such a dispute, it wouldn't be an Australian tabloid that got the scoop. In addition, Camilla has already shared her "thrilled" reaction to the engagement with the press.

That said, the publication is obviously right when it notes Middleton knows first-hand about adjusting to royal life, recalling that she, too, was subjected to public criticism following her own engagement. It is true that experience will allow the Duchess to aid Markle as she goes through this transition, and of course Middleton would want to "protect" her from anything negative. But the specifics alleged about an argument with Camilla and Middleton stepping in to defend Markle are all made-up "rubbish," Gossip Cop is told.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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