Kate Middleton NOT “Urging” Prince William To Lose Weight, Despite Report

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Kate Middleton Urging Prince William Lose Weight

By Shari Weiss |

Kate Middleton Urging Prince William Lose Weight

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Kate Middleton is NOT “urging” Prince William to lose weight, despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can debunk the story.

OK! announces in a headline, “Kate Middleton Is Urging Prince William To Diet Due To Her Worries About His Weight Gain.” According to the tabloid, the Duchess of Cambridge “isn’t impressed with the eating habits he’s adopted over the winter.” Now she’s “determined to get her husband healthy again after he’s gained a few pounds!”

“William’s packed on a good 15lbs over the winter and Kate’s not happy about it,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. “She wants him trimmed down in time for their tour of India in April and she’s put him on a workout regime and low-carb diet.”

The alleged snitch goes on to claim, “Wills has no problem with it and has already started losing weight, but Kate insists it’s not because she’s obsessed with weight. She worries about his overall health and has made it her personal mission to keep the future King of England fighting fit.”

Gossip Cop is going to be blunt: OK! does not have insider information about the royal couple. This is the same magazine that falsely claimed in February that Middleton was pregnant with twin girls. Before that, in January, the tabloid alleged Prince William and his wife had been named king and queen.

Note that this new story refers to the Duke of Cambridge as “the future king.” Clearly, the outlet just keeps making up more and more stories, regardless of what it’s alleged in the past. Last October, for instance, Middleton was supposedly expecting a girl and a BOY. The month before that, the outlet said Queen Elizabeth would be stepping down from the throne this April.

Well, it’s April. And OK! is royally wrong once again. Middleton was never carrying twins, she and Prince William were never set to become queen and king in the near future, and the Princess is not forcing her husband to be on a diet now. As long as the magazine keeps this up, Gossip Cop will continue to show how OK!’s reporting is so not okay.

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Kate Middleton is urging Prince William to lose weight.


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